Middle School Core Department Course Summary

English Language Arts

  • Our approach to literacy integrates all aspects of ELA (reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary, research, speaking and listening) into our various units. 

    7th Grade 

    Units include the following genres and themes: 

    • Short Fiction and Novel Study: Finding your voice 
    • Historical Fiction: Silenced Voices 
    • Mythology: Voices of the Past 
    • Poetry: Poetic Voices 
    • Informational Text: Voices of Adversity 
    • Argumentative Texts and Debates: Using Your Voice 
    • Drama: Voices in Action 

    8th Grade 

    Units include the following genres and themes: 

    • Short Fiction 
    • Historical Fiction: Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry or To Kill a Mockinbird 
    • Novel Study: Independent reading 
    • Drama: Diary of Anne Frank 
    • Poetry: American Voices 
    • Argumentative Texts: American speech study 
    • Informational Texts and Research 


  • Based on their readiness, students will be placed in one of the courses listed in each grade. 

    7th Grade 

    • Algebra 1A: rules of algebra, integers, equations, inequalities, graphing, formulas, functions, and systems of equations 
    • Pre-Algebra Accelerated: percent, measurements, ratios, proportions, data analysis, integers, geometry, statistics, formulas, equations, and advanced topics such as transformation of geometric figures and the graphing and writing of linear equations 
    • Pre-Algebra A: percent, measurements, ratios, proportions, data analysis, integers, geometry, statistics, formulas, and equations 
    • Foundation of Mathematics 7: categories of the number system, ratios and proportional relationships, expressions and equations, geometry, and statistics and probability 


    8th Grade 

    • Algebra 1B: study of probability, graphing, linear functions, quadratic functions, systems of equations, complex numbers, polynomials, polynomial functions, and rational expressions. 
    • Algebra 1A: see above description 
    • Pre-Algebra B: a continuation of Pre-Algebra A topics to prepare students to take Algebra 1A in high school 
    • Foundations of Mathematics 8: number system, equations and inequalities, functions, geometry, and statistics and probability to prepare students for Algebra 1A Applied CP in grade 9 


  • 7th Grade: Life Science 

    This introduction to the major concepts and principles of biology will include project-based learning experiences that encourage students to apply science concepts in solving problems while using their knowledge base and analytical skills that define science. Major topics in the course include the following: 

    • Scientific method 
    • Cells 
    • Classification of life forms 
    • Genetics 
    • Ecology 


    8th Grade: Earth Science 

    This course emphasizes the major concepts and theories of earth science through the use of project-based learning, laboratory exercises, classroom discussion, and reading and writing assignments. Major topics in the course include the following: 

    • Weather and its causes 
    • Earth’s surface features 
    • Earth in context of space and environmental studies 

Social Studies

  • 7th Grade: World History 

    Through collaborative inquiry, research experiences, and literacy strategies, this course examines civilizations from the ancient Sumer and Egypt to the rise of the nation states in the fifteenth century and the Age of Discovery including the study of the following: 

    • Physical and political geography 
    • Cultural and historic background 
    • Social, political, economic, and religious systems 
    • Relationship of ancient cultures to present day 

    8th Grade: American History 8 

    Students become familiar with primary and secondary sources as they study from the country’s early beginnings through post-Civil War Reconstruction Era. Analytical writing, essays, research, reading and vocabulary assignments are all part of the course covering the following: 

    • Physical and political geography of North America 
    • Political, economic, social, and cultural development from the Confederation Period through the late 19th century 

PA Department of Education

  • Curriculum, Assessment, and Instruction at the Hempfield School District are correlated to the standards provided by Pennsylvania Department of Education. These standards can be found at https://www.pdesas.org/standard/ 

    Information regarding state assessments including PSSA and Keystone Exams can be found at http://www.pdesas.org/assessment/ 

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    Supervisor of Secondary Curriculum 

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