Proposed Health Clinic

  • UPDATE:  At the November 10 School Board Meeting, the board voted down a motion, 5 votes to 4, to continue to investigate a workplace health clinic with Lancaster General Medical Group. Other cost-saving measures will be explored during the 2016-17 budgeting process.

    The Hempfield Board of School Directors is currently considering an on-site health clinic to provide primary care and preventive health services for employees, dependents, and retirees who are currently enrolled in the school district health plan. The recommendation is to partner with Lancaster General Health to operate the on-site clinic.

    The Health Clinic evolved from the district’s desire to control healthcare costs through improved access and involvement of employees in their medical care. The clinic will allow a reduction in healthcare spending increase through three methods: reduction in cost of primary care expenses; mitigating acute, chronic, and catastrophic illnesses; and by health plan members opting for a new high-deductible health plan, complemented by access to medical services provided at the clinic.

    We encourage you to review the content on this webpage, including presentations to the school board and to the finance committee, brief video Q&A’s, and frequently asked questions to learn more about the Health Clinic proposal.

Health Clinic Timeline

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    Proposed Health Clinic Timeline

Health Clinic FAQ

  • Employee Survey Results
    In April 2015, Hempfield School District administered an online anonymous survey to employees.

    HSD Employee Survey Results
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    FAQ Document
    Click here to review questions frequently asked about the proposed health clinic.


    Financial Overview
    Click here to review a financial model of the proposed health clinic. 

Additional Resources

Health Clinic Q&A

  • What is a self-funded medical plan?
      Is there liability for an on-site health clinic?  
    What other medical options did the district review?
    Will Employees Have a Choice of Providers?
    Why was the vote deferred in October?
    How will the proposed health clinic Be funded?
    Is it important to consider the proposed health clinic now?