Activity Fees

Activity Fee Refunds 2019-2020

  • Due to the mandated state closure of in-person school and the cancellation of district athletics and extracurricular music and dramatic performance activities, this is an update on Activity Fee Refunds. The following activities are in the process of being refunded:

    • Hempfield High School Dance Theatre 
    • Hempfield High School Indoor Guard
    • Hempfield High School Chamber Singers
    • Hempfield High School Jazz Band
    • Spring Sports 

    At this time, the Middle School Musical will not be refunded as advisers hope this performance may go on in the fall. This activity fee will be refunded if the performance is ultimately cancelled.

    Additionally, refunds will occur for the following district activities:

    • Hempfield Preschool Program
    • FBLA state championship fees
    • Middle School musical cast photos
    • Jump-4-Minithon (elementary schools)

    How will families be refunded?

    • If parents/guardians paid by check
      • At this time, HSD is returning checks that were not deposited. The district is mailing these checks to the address printed on the check.
      • For checks that were already deposited, the district will issue a refund check. These will be mailed after Wednesday, May 13.
    • If parents/guardians paid by credit card
      • All charges will be reversed on that card, if the card number is still valid. Otherwise, families will be refunded by check.
      • If a student turned in an Extracurricular Activity Fee Form, the charge has already been reversed.  
    • If parents/guardians paid by cash:
      • Families will receive a refund by check.
      • These will be mailed after Wednesday, May 13. 

    If you have a question about refunds or activity fees, please contact Sharon Rambler ( 

Activity Fees: General Information

  • Activity fees are charged to students participating on any district athletic team, all extracurricular music and dramatic performance activities, including the following teams: Chess Club Team, Quiz Bowl Team, and Math Counts Team. Fees do not apply to groups that perform specific services for school or community populations. Accommodations are made for students/families experiencing economic hardship. 

    It is important to note that this is not a participation fee that guarantees playing time or a specific level of participation; it is a payment required of all students registered in a sport or activity. Parents will be invoiced after rosters and cast lists have been finalized and submitted to district administration by coaches, directors and activity advisors. Payment must be made within the first two weeks of the activity or the student will be ineligible to participate. The activity fee is nonrefundable.

    The fee structure is as follows:

    • High School, Varsity, Junior Varsity: $75 per activity
    • Middle School, Junior High: $50 per activity
    • Family cap: $500. For families that have one or more children participating in several activities, no more than $500 in total will be due per family for activities within the current school year. The family cap includes musical instrument rental fees.
    • Check payments that are returned for insufficient funds will be charged a fee.
    • Students who qualify for economic hardship will be exempted from these fees.

    An online payment system has been established for the collection of fees. To pay Activity Fees online, please refer to our Fee Payment Instructions. Any student who would potentially be unable to participate in an activity as a result of this fee may contact the Student Services Office at 459-9009 for additional information.

    Payment history can be viewed on the PowerSchool Web Portal.