Tax Office Information

  • Hempfield School District Real Estate Tax bills will be mailed to property owners and should be received on or about July 1. Property owners are responsible for verifying with their mortgage company that the current tax bill was received.

    Property owners are responsible for payment of the Real Estate Tax even if a tax bill is not received. If you own a property in the Hempfield School District and did not receive your tax bill, please contact the Tax Office at 717-898-5565.

    The real estate tax is based on the assessed value of the property.  This assessed value is determined by the Lancaster County Property Assessment Office.  Questions regarding your assessed value as well as mailing address changes should be directed to the Assessment Office at 717-299-8381.

    Important Payment Dates

    Full Payment Plan

    • 2% discount postmarked by August 31
    • Base amount postmarked by October 31
    • 10% penalty postmarked by December 31

    Installment Payment Plan

    • 1st installment postmarked by August 31 (first payment must be postmarked by August 31 to enroll in this plan)
    • 2nd installment postmarked by October 31
    • 3rd installment postmarked by December 31

    Final due date for all property tax payments is December 31.  Unpaid balances will be turned over to the Lancaster County Tax Claim Bureau for collection. 

    Interim Tax Bills 

    Throughout the year, interim tax bills are issued to all property owners for new construction or property improvements.  Interim bills are issued after the Lancaster County Property Assessment Office assigns an assessed value to the property.  Payment due dates are specified on the interim bill   Interim bills are not forwarded to mortgage companies.

Tax Info.

  • 2024-25 Tax Millage Rate:
    18.3084 mills (3.5% Increase)
    Homestead/Farmstead Exclusion:

    Homestead/Farmstead Reduction:

    Tax Code:

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