• The Hempfield Allied Virtual Education Network (HAVEN) is designed to meet the unique needs of students interested in a full-time cyber-education learning experience. HAVEN blends the benefits of an online virtual education with the resources and social/extracurricular activities offered by the Hempfield School District.

    Advantages to the HAVEN Program

    Virtual Academics

    • Choose from online middle school and high school courses (Grade 7-12) offering a wide variety of elective options.

    Social Connections

    • Students maintain their status as Hempfield students allowing for participation in school activities such as school dances, prom, extracurricular activities and high school commencement.
    • Students have access to post-secondary planning materials and programs through the high school counseling office.


    • Earn a Hempfield High School diploma and participate in commencement activities.


    • Resident students currently enrolled in grades 7-12 in the Hempfield School District.
    • Current Hempfield Students who are motivated to succeed in an independent learning environment.
    • If accepted, students are committed to the program for a minimum of one full semester from the start of coursework.


    • Students must be enrolled full time in the Hempfield School District and in need of a minimum of four (4) credits (grade 9-12 students) 
    • Completion of a HAVEN application including all signatures, returned to the respective middle school/high school counselor.
    • All accepted students will be scheduled for an intake meeting to complete the required paperwork for admission and receive instruction regarding program access.
    •  Accepted Students will attend Landisville Education Center for in-person instruction until meeting proficient understanding of course requirements as determined by course facilitators (minimum of 1 week).


    • For Seniors Only
      • Must be in need a minimum of 3 required credits to graduate for the semester enrolled.
      • No seniors will be enrolled in HAVEN during semester 2 unless they meet the above guidelines.
      • No student may enroll in HAVEN just for elective credits.


    • HAVEN start dates coincide with the start of each new semester at Hempfield High School.
    • Students must return completed applications to their middle school/high school counselor no later than 7 days after the start of each new semester for enrollment.
    • No seniors will be accepted into the HAVEN program after the start date of the second semester.