LEC School Counselor

  • Welcome to the LEC Guidance page. This is a resource that students, parents and staff can utilize.
    What is a School Counselor?
    A school counselor provides the following services to students and families:
    Individual Counseling – Some of the referral reasons for meeting individually with students/families are listed below.
    • develop an understanding of themselves or others
    • identify problems and possible solutions
    • learn problem-solving strategies
    • learn appropriate social and interpersonal skills
    • identify coping strategies to overcome adversity and change
    • develop positive self-image
    • recognize their own needs and goals
    • discuss feelings
    Small Group Counseling – Small groups are formed as needed based upon data.
    Classroom Guidance – Providing a preventive and developmentally appropriate classroom guidance lesson in each classroom during each marking period.
    Other responsibilities include working with education support teams, managing 504 Accommodation Plans, helping students transition to a new school or grade level, and conducting mediations.

College & Career Planning

  • Hempfield School District is implementing a K-12 college and career planning software called Xello. Xello is an engaging program that helps students explore and build individualized career plans for their future, coupled with knowledge of the skills required for various careers. We are excited to fully implement this program to promote deeper student and family engagement in ongoing career readiness and post-secondary exploration!