Program Information

  • Paths to Graduation

    Alternative education options are developed to meet the needs of a specific student population. To meet student’s needs, alternative education options generally offer something different from or in addition to the regular curriculum.

    The Hempfield School District is committed to providing educational opportunities for all students that empower, engage, and prepare them for college, work training, and citizenship. The programs at the Landisville Education Center provide instruction to students who have demonstrated difficulty adjusting and/or performing in a traditional educational setting in hopes of achieving:

    • Successful integration back to the regular school setting
    • Preparation for participation in the Lancaster County Career and Technology Center program
    • Completion of graduation requirements
    • Preparation for employment opportunities

    Reasons for Eligibility

    • Students in grades 11 or 12 with a sincere desire to acquire their diploma with no opportunity to graduate with their class due to failed coursework who have minimal behavioral issues
    • Students who failed to graduate with their class and require less than four credits of core content to graduate
    • Students whose attendance is significantly erratic that he/she is not benefiting from the regular educational programming. A truancy intervention/elimination plan must be completed with the school social worker prior to a referral to the alternative education program.
    • Students who the district is considering expulsion as a disciplinary alternative
    • Students who continually fail to follow school rules leading to an educational disruption to themselves and others

    All students must be referred by their school administrator for admission to the Landisville Education Center. The admissions team will review all referrals on a monthly basis during the school year to determine appropriate placement.