Social Services

  • Our full-time social workers / home and school liaisons provide valuable guidance and support for students and families. Their primary roles are to provide critical support services that remove the physical, mental, and emotional barriers and obstacles that may prevent students from attending school regularly.
    Our social workers collaborate between school and community to enhance social and emotional growth, and, therefore, the academic outcomes of all students. This includes:
    • Facilitate the implementation of parent education programs and parent-at-risk training
    • Explore the needs to after-school programming, tutoring service, and diversity awareness programs
    • Facilitate in-house staff development regarding local social services
    • Monitor students' attendance and attend court proceedings on attendance issues
    • Ensure students are living within the jurisdiction of the district
    • Serve as team members on the crisis team

Contact Us

    Melvin Fry
    Social Worker
    HHS & CTC
    (717) 459-9003
    Aleda Risser
    Social Worker
    CES, MES, RES, & Elementary HARP/OOD
    (717) 459-9004
    Bridget Martin
    Social Worker
    CMS, LMS, LEC, & HVA 
    (717) 459-9005
    Meghan Sensenig
    Social Worker
    EPES, FES, LPC, & LIC 
    (717) 459-9019