About Hempfield School District

Students stand with teacher at a wood shop table.

District Profile

    • 44 Square Miles
    • 2 Townships (East & West Hempfield)
    • 2 Boroughs (East Petersburg & Mountville)
    • 7,791 Resident Students
    • 934 Employees
    • 7 Elementary Schools (K-6)
    • 2 Middle Schools (7-8)
    • 1 High School (9-12)

Our Students

  • Elementary Enrollment

    • Centerville Elementary - 552
    • East Petersburg Elementary - 467
    • Farmdale Elementary - 519
    • Landisville Intermediate (4-6) - 485
    • Landisville Primary (K-3) 578
    • Mountville Elementary - 563
    • Rohrerstown Elementary - 454

    Secondary Enrollment

    • Centerville Middle - 595
    • Landisville Middle - 519
    • Hempfield High School*
      • Grade 9 - 546
      • Grade 10 - 598
      • Grade 11 - 549
      • Grade 12 - 512

    *Includes Landisville Education Center

About Us

  • Our mission is to provide safe and supportive environments, engaging experiences, and rigorous educational opportunities that inspire all students to excel in their chosen pathway and grow as lifelong learners and contributing citizens.

    Our vision is personal growth, achievement, and success for everyone.

    Hempfield School District is a suburban community situated five miles west of the city of Lancaster and approximately 30 miles southeast of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania’s state capital.

    From small town railroad crossings to commercial shopping centers and great expanses of farmland, Hempfield’s 44.2 square mile geography attracts a diverse workforce, creating a community with a rich blend of agricultural, blue collar, and professional backgrounds. Populating the spaces between farmland are desirable housing opportunities for families and senior citizens that include rental apartments and townhouses, multi-family duplexes, single family and luxury homes, and retirement communities. Major area employers include our own school district, Kellogg Company, Lancaster General Hospital, Penn State Health, Lowes, and Nissin Foods USA. Business and industry continue to thrive, attracted to the area by our proximity to major metropolitan areas and freeways to accommodate product distribution.

    Our school district and community are proud of the rigorous, robust curriculum offerings and high quality of instruction that challenge the capabilities of every student and stimulate independent thought, self-expression, self-discipline, clear communication, and a respect for all learning experiences. Moreover, Hempfield School District provides PIAA athletic, extracurricular, and cultural enrichment to enhance each student’s life experience. We provide activities for our students to learn how to get along with others; how to be socially, emotionally, and physically healthy; and how to develop talents in a variety of areas.