Comprehensive Plan

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    Comprehensive Plan 2019-2022 Goals:

    • Curriculum, Assessment & Instruction. Engage learners in standards-aligned, meaningful, and authentic learning experiences designed to prepare them to be competitive and successful in their chosen post-secondary pathway.
    • Reducing Barriers. Reduce barriers to student learning and implement interventions/supports to meet the academic and personal growth needs of students.
    • Community Engagement. Enhance systems, processes, and platforms that foster strong community partnerships to support and promote the district’s vision.
    • Operational Excellence. Develop and continually improve operational systems and practices to create a strong infrastructure that supports and enhances teaching and learning. 

About Pathways to Success

  • Mission

    The mission of the Hempfield School District community is to provide safe environments, experiences, and opportunities that inspire all students to become lifelong learners and contributing citizens in all aspects of their lives.


    The vision of the Hempfield School District is personal growth, achievement, and success for everyone.

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