Comprehensive Plan

  • In November 2014, the Hempfield School Board approved the district's three-year comprehensive plan from July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2018.

    This plan encompasses the following strategies: 
    • The Hempfield School District will implement consistent, research-based assessment and instructional practices in all district classrooms.
    • The Hempfield School District will reduce barriers to student learning and implement improved interventions/supports to meet the academic and personal growth needs of at-risk students.
    • The Hempfield School District will develop/improve systems and processes that promote effective home-school partnerships and realization of the district vision of achievement, personal growth, and success for every student.
    • The Hempfield School District will provide comprehensive, differentiated, research-based professional development to district staff responsible for meeting the needs of all students.
    The mission of the Hempfield School District community is to provide safe environments and responsive programs that inspire all students to become lifelong learners and contributing citizens in a global society.
    The vision of the Hempfield School District is personal growth, achievement, and success for every student!
    We believe that effective schools:
    • Are built on a foundation of trust and honest communication
    • Provide safe, caring environments where educational risk-taking and growth occur for all students and staff
    • Provide learning experiences that address the needs of the “whole child”
    • Are places where high expectations and appropriate resources and supports exist for all students
    • Engage all students in rigorous learning experiences that are responsive to their strengths, needs, interests, and backgrounds
    • Use data effectively to make educational decisions and drive instruction
    • Employ innovative methods and technology to prepare students for 21st century life
    • Value diversity as a source of pride and strength
    • Engage and collaborate with families and community to meet the needs of all students