Grading & Reporting

  • HSD grading and reporting practices are designed to align with the following core beliefs:

    • No single grade or symbolic representation constitutes feedback that can accurately reflect student achievement, progress, and soft skills development (communication, task completion, teamwork and collaboration, critical thinking, problem solving, networking, professionalism, etc.). Therefore, multiple methods for providing feedback are necessary.
    • Academic grades need to accurately reflect student achievement/mastery of standards and concepts as outlined in course or grade level KUD documents.
    • Feedback shared needs to accurately reflect student progress or growth with respect to academic achievement and soft skills development.
    • Feedback related to academic achievement and growth (formal and informal, qualitative and quantitative) needs to inform instructional decision-making and classroom practices including the intentional use of best practices, accommodations and/or modifications as required.

    Our Grading & Reporting Guidelines were crafted to align the rich traditions at Hempfield School District with the current research and literature regarding best practice for grading and reporting. The guidelines were developed to be consistent, fair, and definitive while providing flexibility in all grade levels and courses.