Hempfield School District Gifted Program

Department Overview

  • Department Stats:

    • 8 teachers across all buildings
    • Average of 140 referrals per year
    • 440 students currently in the program (2020-2021) 

    Process for Identifying Gifted Students:

    1. Students enter the process through:

    • Universal Screening of second graders
    • Teacher referrals
    • Parent referrals


    2. Students referred move on to a multidisciplinary evaluation:

    • Full battery of intelligence and achievement testing
    • Parent/Teacher input
    • Objective district qualification standards
    • Gifted Multidisciplinary Team Meeting held to go over the results


    3. Students who qualify_____:

    • are assigned a gifted case manager
    • receive a Gifted Individualized Education Plan (GIEP)
    • are offered Enrichment and/or acceleration in the areas of ELA, Math, and/or Science
      • Subject/grade level acceleration determined on case-by-case basis

Gifted in the Elementary Schools

  • Enrichment Service Delivery:

    Pull-out enrichment services are offered during elementary intervention periods.

    ELA Day

    • Self-selected exploration of ELA topics and projects
    • Affective lessons to deal with social and emotional learning topics (SEL) pertaining to gifted students

    Math/Logic Day

    • Exploratory topics tailored to students’ strengths in the areas of math and problem solving beyond the general education curriculum

    Science/SS Day

    Thematic units lasting one semester each:

    • Grade 1Mystery Powders and Zoo Simulation 
    • Grade 2- Environmental Studies and Flight
    • Grades 3/4- World Geography/Mock Trial (year 1) | Engineering and Motion (year 2)
    • Grades 5/6- Archeology/Ancient Civ and Advertising/Technology (year 1) | Model UN/Architecture (year 2)

Gifted in the Middle Schools

  • Enrichment Service Delivery:

    • Gifted Seminar Class
    • Independent Goal Setting/Consultative Services

    Gifted Seminar Curriculum:

    Year 1:

    • Unit 1- Understanding Giftedness
      • Definitions, characteristics, intelligence theory, multiple intelligences, career exploration
    • Unit 2- Creative Problem Solving
      • Hands-on and verbal challenges, cooperative learning, team building

    Year 2:

    • Unit 1- Understanding Giftedness
      • Memory & Mnemonics, metacognition, executive function
    • Unit 2- Authentic Projects
      • Problem identification, goal development, individual/group project

    Independent Goal Setting/Consultative Services Curriculum:

    • Quarterly meetings for goal setting/grade monitoring
    • Career exploration
    • Learning Profiles
    • Course Selection Counseling

    Differentiated Learning Experiences:

    • District Sponsored Workshops
    • Off-Campus Trips
    • Virtual Conferences
    • IU13 Sponsored Events

Gifted in the High School

  • Enrichment Service Delivery

    • 100% student-centered independent goal setting/consultative service model
    • Minimum of 3 meetings per year
    • Developmental skills topics at each grade level
    • Grade monitoring
    • Development of post-secondary portfolio
    • Mentoring through college choice, applications, essay writing, and scholarship research
    • FLEX/Lunch options for studying, tutoring, and collaboration
    • Mandatory freshman FLEX every other day


    Differentiated Learning Experiences:

    • GiFTS (Gifted FLEX Time Seminar)
      • Recurrent topics
      • Based on student interest
    • College Preparation
    • On and Off-Campus opportunities for engagement
    • Career interest field trips and workshops
    • On-site seminars and virtual conferences
    • Service opportunities

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