Hempfield High School Art Department

Brief Course Descriptions

  • Please see course selection guide for full descriptions.

    The Art Course offerings at Hempfield High School provide students opportunities to explore a wide variety of two- and three-dimensional approaches to artmaking. Students learn about historical and contemporary artists and techniques, create works of art that are meaningful and personal, deepen understanding of critical analysis and interpretation, and present their work through critique and display.

    • Fundamentals of Design – foundations of design and composition/use a variety of media and process
    • Drawing – sequential courses build upon a variety of drawing media and techniques/subjects include still life, portrait, landscape, and figure
    • Painting – sequential courses build upon a variety of painting techniques and explore watercolor, tempera, acrylics, and oils
    • Clay – sequential courses build upon a variety of handbuilding processes including pinch, coil, and slab/both functional and non-functional objects/clay II – introduction to wheelthrowing
    • Fine Metals -sequential courses build upon a variety of metalworking techniques including sawing, filing, finishing in metals I, sodering, stone setting, and lost wax casting in metals II and advanced
    • Printmaking: Monotype and Relief – linoleum cut, woodcut, and callograph
    • Printmaking: Silkscreen and Intaglio – stencil, silkscreen and intaglio processes
    • Hot Glass – sequential courses build upon hot and cold glass techniques: lampworking, slumping, fusing, and stained glass processes
    • Commercial Art/Illustration – layout and visual communication including package design, fashion design, magazine and book composition
    • Fiber Arts – sequential courses build on a variety of textile exploration including weaving, surface design, basketry, beadwork, batik/both two- and three-demensional approaches
    • Advanced Placement – Breadth – cultivation of advanced skills in a variety of media – equivalent to a first-year college Foundation of Art Course – it is recommended to take this in the Fall and the Concentration course in the Spring
    • Advanced Placement – Concentration – development of a portfolio that demonstrates investigation of student’s chosen visual idea


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