Hempfield High School Health & Physical Education Curriculum

Health and Physical Education Course Offerings

  • Below is a list of the Health and Physical Education course offerings. Please download the Health and Physical Education Department brochure to find which grades these courses are available to students. For detailed descriptions of each course, see the course selection guide.

    • Physical Education (Personal Wellness & Fitness)
    • Introduction to Strength Training and Conditioning
    • Health
    • Personal Fitness Design
    • Fitness for Life
    • Movement Exploration & Dance
    • Military Fitness
    • Cardio-Conditioning
    • Sports Perfomance I
    • Sports Performance II
    • Sports Performance III
    • Advanced Team Spots
    • Net Sports
    • Sports Medicine (health elective)

    9th grade students are required to take Personal Wellness & Fitness. The course includes a variety of team and individual activites to help students evaluate their own fitness levels, assess their degree of wellness, and identify activities they may wish to explore for further fitness development.

    10th grade students are required to take Health, which provides students with an investigation of current health issues and topics from students' personal, school, home, and community perspectives. Students will also take Introduction to Strength Training as their physical education requirement. This course consists of a systematic program of conditioning that includes aerobics, running, and strength training with free weights and machines.

    11th grade students must select from one of the options to meet their physical education requirement. Students may take more than one of these courses as an elective. Sports Medicine is also an elective option for students who have completed 10th grade Health.

    12th grade students may take any of the options noted in the brochure as electives.

    Goals & Outcomes

    • Adhere to Pennsylvania State Health & Physical Standards.
    • Achieve practical Health & Wellness skills to be utilized throughout one’s lifetime.
    • Ascertain personal wellness and fitness, with instruction in goal setting, workout design, and encouragement.
    • Acquire strategies and skills to cope with stress, maintain a healthy level of fitness, and enjoy leisure time.

    PA Department of Education Information

    All Hempfield HPE courses are based upon Pennsylvania’s academic standards.

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