Hempfield High School English Department

English Required Courses

  • Students are required to have four English credits to graduate. Students typically follow a vertical progression; however, with teacher recommendations, students may move into other levels.

    Additional information regarding Advanced Placement Classes can be found at the College Board.

    • Foundations of English 9
    • English 9 College Prep
    • English 9 Honors
    • Foundations of English 10
    • English 10 College Prep
    • English 10 Honors
    • Foundations of English 11
    • English 11 College Prep
    • English 11 Honors
    • AP Language & Composition
    • English 12: Definition of Success
    • Literary Analysis: British Literature College Prep
    • Literary Analysis: Eco-Literature College Prep
    • Literary Analysis: Sports Literature College Prep
    • Literary Analysis: World Literature Honors
    • AP Literature & Composition

English Department Electives

  • The list below shows which grades these electives are available to students. Electives do not fulfill the English credits for graduation but do fulfill the arts/humanities requirements.

    • Speech and Communication
    • Journalism I
    • Journalism II
    • Introduction to Theater
    • Teacher Techniques
    • Advanced Theater Techniques
    • Creative Writing I
    • Creative Writing II
    • History of American Film
    • College in the High School: Introduction to Film
    • Communication Tech I
    • Communication Tech II
    • Communication Tech III
    • Communication Tech IV
    • Communication Tech V
    • Communication Tech VI
    • Communication Tech: Independent Study

PA Department of Education Information

  • The Pennsylvania Department of Education requires one standardized assessment related to the high school English Department. 

    At the end of the 10th Grade English course of any level, students take the Keystone Literature exam. 

    Curriculum in grades 9 and 10 is aligned to eligible content for these exams and to the Pennsylvania Common Core State Standards.

    Students who do not score proficient or advanced on the first administration will re-take the assessment near the end of their 11th Grade English course. 

     Demonstrating proficiency is a PA graduation requirement. More information is available at online here.

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