Parent Access

  • Hempfield offers parents and guardians access to a number of different systems that contain information about their student and activities in the school district. There are two main systems that control access to these systems. Unfortunately, at this time, a single username and password will not allow access to all systems.
    Parents can sign up for Sapphire access using the Registration Page link at the bottom of the Sapphire column below.
    Hempfield ID (Active Directory) accounts are created based on contact information in Sapphire. Parents wishing to activate their Hempfield ID need to contact the Technology Department at 717-898-5596. 
  • Hempfield ID (Active Directory)
    Active Directory provides a single username and password for a variety of applications that the district uses for parent/guardian access.
    • Schoology – Schoology is Hempfield’s learning management and classroom communication system. Parents and guardians have access to electronic course materials and are able to directly communicate with teachers. Schoology is also accessible via a mobile app. If you have forgotten your Schoology log-in information, or wish to change your password, contact the Technology Office, 717-898-5596.
    • The Hempfield App – The Hempfield app is specifically designed to provide easy access to district information on smartphones and tablets. Signing in to the app allows a parent to receive alerts and notifications specific to their student including grade and attendance alerts.
    • ParentLink – ParentLink is Hempfield’s notification system. Signing in to the ParentLink portal allows parents to see notifications that have been sent districtwide as well as a limited set of student grade and attendance data.
    • Guest Wifi - Your Hempfield ID will allow you to connect to the Hempfield-Guest wireless network when visiting a school building. After connecting, open a web browser to enter your username and password.

    Active Directory accounts are created based on contact information in Sapphire. Use this form to sign up for an account.

    The Sapphire Community Web Portal offers parents the most comprehensive overview of their child’s grades, attendance, and other critical academic reports. The following information is available in Sapphire:

    • Schedules
    • Grades
    • Attendance
    • Discipline
    • Report Cards
    • Transcripts
    • Transportation

    Contact Information (and the ability to update contacts)
    Sapphire uses a username, password and PIN for access and requires that parents or guardians register a new account before receiving access. Please contact the Technology Office at 717-898-5596 if you do not know the registration keyword.