Technology Fee and Insurance

In-School iPad Use
The district will be providing an iPad for each student to use during the school day according to the implementation chart on the home page of this section. The iPad will be free to use in school just like any other educational resource. Insurance is not required and normal wear and tear, such as dents, scrapes, light scratches, and worn out cords, will be covered by the district. Damage occurring in school is covered by the district, like other pieces of equipment; however, intentional damage or theft will be handled like any other incident of damage to district property.
Home iPad Use
Although not required, the district is strongly encouraging families to participate in the home use portion of the iPad program. A $30/student technology fee must be paid before the iPad can go home. Families who qualify for economic hardship are not required to pay the fee, and there is a cap of $90/family for families with multiple children. The technology fee helps pay for several important costs:
  • At-home content filtering and management - iPads taken home are still filtered regardless of the network to which they connect. There are also additional restrictions on certain apps and operating system features.
  • Insurance - The technology fee covers up to $50 in damage for the first two incidents. The most common form of damage is a cracked screen, which is not considered normal wear and tear. Depending on the extent of damage, a cracked screen costs between $25 and $60 to repair. That means that a family will be charged something between $0 and $10 in the event of damage. Theft is also fully covered by insurance but an official police report must be provided.
Much of the software and materials that will be used in class will also be accessible via a normal web browser. Schoology will be the primary tool used by teachers for distributing electronic materials. Although a home computer can access much of this material, one of the primary goals of the program is to provide each student with a personalized learning device, something which can be difficult if the student is not taking the iPad home each day.