iPad Insurance Information

  • In-School iPad Use
    The district provides an iPad for each student to use during the school day according to the implementation chart on the home page of this section. The iPad is free to use in school, just like any other educational resource. Insurance is not required and normal wear and tear, such as dents, scrapes, light scratches, and worn out cords, will be covered by the district. Damage occurring in school is covered by the district, like other pieces of equipment or textbooks; however, intentional damage or theft will be handled like any other incident of damage to district property.
    Home iPad Use
    Although not required, the district strongly encourages families to participate in the home use portion of the iPad program. For the 2019-2020 school year, no insurance purchase is required for home use, but it is available for families who wish to purchase coverage from the district. Families who qualify for economic hardship are not required to pay for insurance. Full insurance for the school year is $30/student, and there is a cap of $90/family for families with multiple children. The only item required for home use is a signed iPad Usage Agreement.
    The insurance, if purchased, covers up to $100 in damage for the first two incidents. An Otterbox case is provided with each iPad and protects the iPad from most wear and tear damage. The most common form of damage is a cracked screen, which is not considered normal wear and tear. Depending on the extent of damage, a cracked screen costs between $75 and $100 to repair. Theft is also fully covered by insurance but an official police report must be provided.

    Much of the software and materials that is used in class can also be accessed via a normal web browser. Schoology is the primary tool used by teachers for distributing electronic materials. Although a home computer can access much of this material, one of the primary goals of the program is to provide each student with a personalized learning device, something which can be difficult if the student is not taking the iPad home each day.
    Purchasing Insurance
    Insurance can be purchased at an early iPad pickup day during the summer, through MySchoolBucks, sending a payment to the technology office, or paying in person at the technology office:
    Hempfield School District
    Technology Department
    220 Church Street
    Landisville PA, 17538
    Insurance for students starting the school year in August can be purchased up to September 27, 2019. First graders receiving their iPads at the start of trimester two will have a different cutoff date listed in letters sent home. Check payments that are returned for insufficient funds will be charged a fee.
    Common Insurance Questions
    • I qualify for Economic Hardship/Free and Reduced Lunch. What do I need to do to sign up for insurance?  Nothing - the insurance benefits are automatically applied to your student ID without any additional paperwork or notification.
    • Is damage to the Otterbox case covered? Damaged screen protectors, broken stands, etc?  The Otterbox case is covered by a lifetime warranty and will be repaired or replaced, no questions asked, with or without insurance.  The stands on the cases will likely not last the full three years that the iPads are issued and can be replaced at any time if necessary.  If your case is damaged or needs a repair, let a teacher or staff member know immediately.
    • My iPad has stopped working. Is this covered?  Hardware defects, battery failures, and other manufacturer problems will be repaired or replaced, with or without insurance.
    • Will I get the same iPad back if it is damaged?  That depends on the extent of the damage. Tech will try to return the same iPad, but this may not be possible. In addition, it is likely that TouchID will no longer function after a cracked screen is replaced due to the way the fingerprint sensor and home button are connected to the screen assembly. Whether or not the original iPad can be returned does not impact the max incidents of damage outlined in the insurance terms.
    • What happens if I damage my iPad but don't pay repair costs? What happens if I damage my iPad, didn't buy insurance and don't pay the repair costs?  In both situations, your iPad will be repaired and made available for use in school, but it cannot be taken home until the balance of the repair cost is paid to the district. Outstanding repair balances will follow students from year to year and may ultimately impact participation in graduation. Damage to iPads is treated the same as a damaged textbook or any other outstanding fine at the end of the school year.
    • What happens to iPads damaged at school if a Usage Agreement has not been signed?  iPads are issued to all students for use at school, regardless of a signed Usage Agreement. Accidental damage at school will be repaired at no cost to the district unless it is determined to be intentional. That determination will be made by the school and district administration. Theft from school will also be fully investigated by the district administration.