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    Starting with the 19-20 school year, PowerSchool will be Hempfield's student information system, gradebook, and special education management system.  It is replacing Sapphire for all of these systems.  As a result of these changes, parents will need to reestablish their portal account to access student information and reports online.  Sapphire accounts will not work and are no longer available.

    Creating a PowerSchool Account

    Prior to the start of the school year, each household will receive a letter containing their children's unique access code and password.  These codes are used to gain access to your child's information online and should only be shared with individuals who are entitled to view such information.  It is the parents' responsibility to share the access code with anyone who needs access.

    Browse to https://powerschool.hempfieldsd.org and click on the Create Account tab.

    When you have at least one of your children's access codes and you're ready to begin, click on the Create Account button.

    powerchool portal screen  

    Enter your account details on the Create Parent Account screen.

    Your username can be whatever you want, but cannot contain special characters, including the @ symbol.  It can only be letters and numbers. 

     powerschool account screen 2

    In the next section, use your child's access code and password to link their records to your account.  Information must be filled out for each child you with to access.

    When finished, click Enter at the bottom of the screen. 

     powerschool student association
    PowerSchool accounts are activated immediately and do not require additional signatures or forms.  You should receive an email confirmation that your account has been created.
    PowerSchool can be accessed via a browser or mobile app for iOS or Android.  When setting up the mobile app, the district's access code is MGQX.
    Click here for additional instructions:

    Information Available in PowerSchool

    A variety of information is available in PowerSchool's parent and student portal including:
    • Grades (current and historical)
    • Attendance
    • Student documents
      • Report cards (current and historical back to the 12-13 school year)
      • Unofficial transcripts
    • School bulletins
    • Transportation assignments (bus number and stop)
    • Locker info
    • Cafeteria account balance
    • Schoology account information
    • Email notification settings