• Physical Exam Information

    These forms are for the 2021-2022 school year.

    Forms must be completed for the current school year. Prior year's forms may not be used and should be discarded.

    Physical exams for the 2021-2022 School Year must be dated June 1, 2021 or later.  This is a PIAA rule.

    The Comprehensive Initial Pre-Participation Evaluation (CIPPE) meets PIAA sports medicine guidelines. The CIPPE is designed to examine forthcoming student athletes’ overall general health, and any other conditions that may prevent athletes from participating in a sport offered by Hempfield School District.  MedExpress and other Urgent Care centers offer low-cost sports physicals for walk-in appointments.

    All athletes must complete the following forms before participating in a sport:

    • CIPPE form or CIPPE Re-certification form (see flowcharts for which is required).
    • Insurance Release Form
    • Drug Testing Consent Form
    • Possession/Use of Substance Policy Consent Form
    • NCAA Academic Eligibility Requirements (High School Only)

    Copies of the CIPPE and CIPPE re-certification forms are available for download above, or can be picked up in the Athletic Director’s office, or school offices. Sections 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 of the CIPPE should be completed by parents prior to the physical exam. Section 6 of the CIPPE must be completed by a doctor. Other forms should be obtained from and returned to coaches. 

    Please call the Athletic Trainer at 717-618-7003 or e-mail with questions.
    Athletic Trainer System Portal
    All athletes must complete an Athlete Profile on the ATS portal.  See the instructions page for creating an account and profile.  Additionally, athletes can use the ATS system to complete their CIPPE paperwork.

    Concussion Baseline Testing 

    Concussion baseline testing is a tool that the Athletic Training staff can use to assess athletes for potential brain injuries.  The single test does not diagnose a concussion.  Rather, athletes complete the baseline test, then if a head injury is sustained, they repeat the test.  The scores of the two tests are compared and can be used to assess the extent of a brain injury.
    All athletes are required to complete concussion baseline testing prior to trying out for a sport.  As long as no head injuries are suspected, baseline testing is good for two years.  ALL FIRST TIME STUDENT ATHLETES MUST COMPLETE BASELINE TESTING.  Returning athletes may be required to renew the baseline testing.  Call or e-mail the Athletic Trainer to find out if baseline testing needs to be renewed.
     Spring 2022 Information

    Concussion testing will be held in room 121 from 3:30 -5pm (last seating is at 4:30 ) on February 22nd and 23rd as well as March 1st. No sign up required. 

    Physicals must be submitted into the ATS portal by February 28th. The spring season officially begins March 7th 2022. 

    Spring Athletes will not begin to be cleared until after January 24th 2022. This in accordance with PIAA. Athlete submitting forms prior to January 24th  will need to complete section 8 of the PIAA CIPPE form after  Jan 24th 2022 for spring season.