Advanced Summer School Course Descriptions

  • Students registering for Advanced Credit courses should fill out a special request on their 2022-2023 course selection page under the corresponding course (FCS, Health, PE or PFL) to indicate they are taking the course over the summer. In the special request, students should indicate their preferred course to replace the advanced course(s). Counselors will manually make these changes as FCS, Health, and PFL cannot be removed by students.
    Online Health
    Cost: $275
    Teacher: Ms. Heather Cisiewicz -

    This course provides the student with an investigation of current health issues and attendant problems from the student's personal, school, home, and community perspective. (Topics of instruction are based on the PA State Standards for Public School Health Education.) The course provides students with learning experiences that enable them to effectively assimilate health information, and make discriminating decisions concerning their health and behavior as individuals, future parents, and community members.
    Online Physical Education (Lifetime Fitness I, II, & III)*
    Cost: $275


      • Lifetime Fitness is an online Edgenuity based course that will require a computer & internet access.
      • This course provides opportunities for students to increase fitness and enhance their understanding of exercise and health.  The course focus is on holistic fitness improvements and approximately 30 hours of online Health and Physical Education content reading, writing, and assessments.  Units will include a pre and post course fitness assessment, safety, biomechanical principles, cardiorespiratory fitness, muscular fitness, flexibility, and designing a personal fitness plan.  An online exercise log will be used to describe and track individual exercises performed throughout the course.  This is an ideal course for the serious athlete or any student in need of fulfilling their Hempfield High School Physical Education requirements. (The personal fitness log enables students to tailor their workouts to meet their individual goals.)
      • Students must successfully complete the pre-assessment fitness test, and maintain or exceed the required standard of fitness throughout the duration of the summer school course (determined by a summative fitness assessment). The two fitness assessments will be performed in person with the certified Health & Physical Education teacher assigned to the course. The pre-assessment will be conducted during the course orientation or before the end of the school year by appointment.  The post-assessment will be done by appointment in the summer. 
      • In addition to the online written assessments, an online exercise log will be used to describe and track individual exercises performed throughout the course. This will include 1.5 hours per day for 5 days each week, equaling a minimum of 37.5 hours of recorded exercise. 
      • Students that have previously taken Lifetime Fitness may take the course again. If you are taking the course for a second or third time you will automatically be enrolled in Lifetime Fitness II or III. Lifetime Fitness II & III build upon and expand on the content of the previous Lifetime Fitness course.
    Family and Consumer Science
    June 21, 2021 - July 23, 2021
    Cost: $275 
    Teacher: Ms. Sara Brooks -

    This course, required of all ninth grade students, fulfills Chapter 4’s academic standards requirements in Family and Consumer Sciences, and Career Education. It will also provide students with a positive transition to the high school.
    Fundamentals of Family and Consumer Sciences is an introductory course focusing on the development of management skills indicative of a healthy family. Topics studied will include: personal finances, consumer rights and responsibilities, housing decisions, the family life cycle, interpersonal communication, decision-making skills, science and technology influences, nutrition, weight and meal management, child development, and parenting and career education.
    Personal Financial Literacy
    Cost: $275
    Teacher: Mr. Clint Willman -
    This course will provide comprehensive classroom experiences that allow students to develop the knowledge and skills needed to make informed decisions as a consumer. Students will develop the financial skills related to income, taxes, financial planning, banking, consumer credit, budgeting, savings and investment, and insurance. Guest speakers and technology integrated learning experiences will be experienced throughout the course.

    Course Meeting Schedule 






    9:00am -10:00am




    Social Studies

    10:00am -11:00am





    11:00am -12:00pm





    *Online PE does not have a regular Meeting time

    **Health only plans to meet the first week

  • Summer School Dates  

    May 31, 2022 - July 14, 2022
    Advanced Online Physical Education (Lifetime Fitness I, II & III)
    June 13, 2022 - July 14, 2022
    All Other Summer School Courses