Elementary Gifted Services

  • Elementary School Gifted Services are designed to provide educational experiences that support and extend the regular curriculum in the areas of ELA, Math and Science. These services provide complex tasks and challenges through planned learning experiences that reflect the Dimensions of Learning model. Students participate in up to three pull out classes based on their needs for subject-area enrichment in ELA, Math, and/or Science.  Occasionally, these classes are scheduled during core instruction time.

    During Science/Social Studies pull-out classes, students work in small groups with their intellectual peers on a unit that is an extension of a science or social studies topic from the core curriculum. The students’ individual strengths, skills and habits are embedded into these units. During math pull-out classes, students work individually on critical thinking skills, logic and reasoning skills, and math extensions. During ELA pull-out classes, students choose, plan, and execute a reading project that extends the skills they’ve been taught in the regular classroom. Affective lessons address social and emotional topics for each small group and are incorporated throughout the curriculum.

    Students who do not participate in the pull-out classes will be offered independent goal setting/consultative services with the Gifted Support Teacher who will monitor progress and adjustment at the elementary school level. These goal setting services will be offered at a minimum of four times per academic year.