COVID-19 Community Information

  • In this global pandemic, our goal is to share information that respect’s individual privacy but also allows families to react accordingly and make informed decisions.

    Based on new Orders from Governor Wolf and Secretary Levine in November 2020, we have updated our reporting protocols for the community. The below chart was launched on Monday, December 7, 2020. Please note that reporting could change again based on additional guidance or direction from the PA Department of Health.

Reporting to Community

  • In an effort to provide our community with timely and meaningful information, we will update the following chart each school day by 4:00 p.m. 

    Building Temporary Closure Threshold Building 14-Day Rolling Count (Effective Date)
    Hempfield High School 6-10 4 (4-5-21)
    Centerville Middle School 4-6 1 (4-9-21)
    Landisville Middle School 4-6 4 (4-8-21)
    Centerville Elementary School 4-6 0 (TBD)
    East Petersburg Elementary School  2-4 2 (4-10-21)
    Farmdale Elementary School 4-6 0 (TBD)
    Landisville Intermediate Center 2-4 3 (4-10-21)
    Landisville Primary Center 4-6 1 (4-6-21)
    Mountville Elementary School 4-6 0 (TBD)
    Rohrerstown Elementary School 2-4 0 (TBD)


    Important Chart Notes:

    • Each school has its own 14 day rolling period and begins when there is a reportable COVID+ case in the building. This date is either the date the individual was first symptomatic (if known) or the date the individual was tested.


    • A COVID+ case that is part of the 14 day rolling count for a school building includes any individual (students or staff) with a confirmed or probable case of COVID-19 who was physically present in the school setting while infectious, including but not limited to, instruction, work, sports, or extracurricular activities.
    • The temporary closure threshold range is based on the size of the school as indicated by the number of students enrolled in the building.

    • When we reach a COVID+ case count that is within the building’s temporary closure threshold, we look at multiple factors including:

      Current COVID+ case counts and where they fall within the school’s 14 day rolling period. For example, will the case count be reduced soon, as explained above?
      How are we doing with cleaning, disinfecting, and contact tracing?
      Can we identify how an individual contracted COVID-19, either outside the school setting or within the building?
      Do we have information about possible new cases?
    • A temporary closure can happen with minimal notice. We stress that families have a plan in place for students if a parent/guardian is unable to be at home and a school is only able to provide full virtual instruction.
    • A temporary closure means that all students in that building will transition from virtual/in-person instruction to full virtual instruction.

    • A closure may be 3-14 days in length, depending upon the building and the number of reportable cases. If case investigations, contact tracing, and cleaning and disinfecting can be accomplished in a faster time frame, the length of closure time may be shortened. This will be determined in consultation with the PA Department of Health.

    • When the school reopens for in-person instruction after a temporary closure, the 14 day rolling period resets AND the case count rests to 0.

    • HHS numbers displayed above include the Landisville Education Center building.

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Concern or Questions?

  • If you have a question, concern or comment about any health or safety issue, please let us know at or by calling 717-898-5539.