HSD Coronavirus Update Center

  • The PA Department of Health issued revised reporting requirements for schools (effective 10/8/21). This chart will be updated once a week, every Friday by 5:00 p.m., with the weekly number of COVID+ school cases reported to the DOH and the current number of active school cases. 

    School Number of COVID+ Cases Reported to DoH This Week Number of Active School Cases

    CES 0 0
    EPES 2 1
    FES 4 0
    LIC 2 1
    LPC 4 4
    MES 2 1
    RES 5 4
    CMS 2 0
    LMS 0 0
    HHS 16 9

    An active school-reported case is defined as a staff member or a student who was in school during the contagious period, two days prior to the onset of symptoms, and still in their isolation period. Cases are no longer considered active when the individual's isolation period ends.

    We report all school cases we are made aware of; however, due to the delay in getting test results, the isolation period may be over when we complete our weekly reporting.

Frequently Asked Questions for the 2021-22 School Year

  • Where can I find information on the COVID-19 Vaccine for children?

  • Where and how can I schedule a COVID-19 vaccine for my chid(ren)?

  • Will Hempfield School District host COVID-19 vaccine clinics in the schools?

  • Is a COVID-19 vaccination required for eligible students in Hempfield School District?

  • Do students and staff need to provide the school district with a copy of their vaccination card?

  • Are students required to wear a facial covering on their school bus?

  • What are COVID-19 Symptoms?

  • Can a student or staff member be in school if they are COVID+?

  • If a student is diagnosed with COVID-19, who will inform them of the potential return to school date?

  • Will the district be required to report COVID+ school cases to the PA Department of Health?

  • What is a close contact?

  • Will Hempfield offer COVID-19 testing to staff and students who are identified as close contacts?

  • Will schools conduct contact tracing?

  • Will parents/guardians be notified if the district believes their student is NOT a close contact BUT was potentially exposed to someone who was COVID+?

  • If an unvaccinated person is exposed to someone with COVID-19 and identified as a close contact, do they need to quarantine?

  • If a fully vaccinated person is exposed to someone with COVID-19 and identified as a close contact but has no symptoms, do they need to quarantine?

  • If someone is identified as a close contact of a COVID+ person and they test positive for SARS-CoV-2 antibodies, does the close contact need to quarantine?

  • If someone tests positive for SARS-CoV-2 antibodies but exhibits new or unexplained symptoms of COVID-19, does the person still need to isolate and be evaluated for COVID-19 testing?

Frequently Asked Questions About August 31, 2021 Masking Order

  • Who does this order apply to?

  • Are there any alternatives to a face covering?

  • Are there exemptions to the order?

  • If my student has an exemption, must they wear a mask on a school bus?

  • If my student has a mask exemption and is NOT vaccinated, will they get quarantined if they meet the close contact definition?

  • What if my student refuses to wear a mask?

  • What if a visitor comes to a school without a mask.

  • What if a spectator at an indoor event is not wearing a mask?

  • Where can I find more answers to questions about this order?

  • Who can I contact to express my concerns with this order?

Latest Updates

  • Concern or question?

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