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    Current Number of Active School-Reported Cases

    School Number of Active School Reported Cases in a 14-day Period

    CES 2
    EPES 0
    FES 2
    LIC 2
    LPC 3
    MES 1
    RES 0

    CMS 1
    LMS 0

    HHS  5

    We are still waiting on additional information from the PA Department of Health regarding the definition of the 14-day period. The chart may be adjusted when that information becomes available.

    An active school reported case is defined as a staff member or a student who was in school during the contagious period, two days prior to onset of symptoms, and still in their isolation period. This chart could change daily as a case is no longer considered active when the individual's isolation period ends.

Frequently Asked Questions for the 2021-22 School Year

  • Are students required to wear a facial covering on their school bus?

  • What are COVID-19 Symptoms?

  • Can a student or staff member be in school if they are COVID+?

  • If a student is diagnosed with COVID-19, who will inform them of the potential return to school date?

  • Will the district be required to report COVID+ school cases to the PA Department of Health?

  • What is a close contact?

  • Will Hempfield offer COVID-19 testing to staff and students who are identified as close contacts?

  • Will schools conduct contact tracing?

  • Will parents/guardians be notified if the district believes their student is NOT a close contact BUT was potentially exposed to someone who was COVID+?

  • If an unvaccinated person is exposed to someone with COVID-19 and identified as a close contact, do they need to quarantine?

  • If a fully vaccinated person is exposed to someone with COVID-19 and identified as a close contact but has no symptoms, do they need to quarantine?

  • Do students and staff need to provide the school district with a copy of their vaccination card?

  • Are students or staff required to get a COVID-19 vaccine?

Frequently Asked Questions About August 31, 2021 Masking Order

  • Who does this order apply to?

  • Are there any alternatives to a face covering?

  • Are there exemptions to the order?

  • If my student has an exemption, must they wear a mask on a school bus?

  • If my student has a mask exemption and is NOT vaccinated, will they get quarantined if they meet the close contact definition?

  • What if my student refuses to wear a mask?

  • What if a visitor comes to a school without a mask.

  • What if a spectator at an indoor event is not wearing a mask?

  • Where can I find more answers to questions about this order?

  • Who can I contact to express my concerns with this order?

Latest Updates

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