Message from Our Superintendent

  • I am honored to serve as the superintendent of this amazing school district! Hempfield has a very supportive school community with a tremendous amount of pride for the district. This was evident in my work with the 2019-2022 Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee as the district’s Assistant Superintendent. I’m excited to continue my work with our students, staff, and community as we implement our new Comprehensive Plan in an effort to meet our district’s mission. I also look forward to advocating for our students and school community at the local and state levels.

    My goal for education in the Hempfield School District is that we help learners find and embrace their passion, while providing the necessary supports to help them grow and succeed. It is important to me that every child progresses through our school system knowing that we believe in them, they are valued, and that we want them to grow, thrive, and achieve success. This can occur when our staff creates safe environments where high expectations and strong, positive relationships are the norm. It is through these relationships that every child in our school system will be encouraged to make positive contributions in all aspects of their lives.

    Too often, the visual that people have when it comes to school is a teacher lecturing and students sitting passively at their desks which are aligned perfectly in rows. Today, there should be no such boundaries to learning because with technology, our world has truly become our classroom. Students must be given opportunities to collaborate with their teachers and contribute to their own success plan. In turn, student learning opportunities should be designed around these plans so that school systems have multiple pathways for students to achieve success and earn their high school diploma. In addition, we must continue to expand our educational opportunities for students, and awareness for their parents/guardians, as students choose the most appropriate post-secondary education option to prepare them for their career pathway.

    I know that by working together our district will thrive and our students will achieve great things! At any time, if you “hear” something directly or indirectly that concerns you or causes you to wonder, I ask that members of our school community go directly to the person and engage in a respectful conversation. Personally, I welcome and encourage face-to-face conversations. I will strive to be as visible as I can in all of our buildings. Please feel free to come up to me to introduce yourself or ask questions, whether it is in a building or at a district event.

    Thank you for your support of our school district! I look forward to working with you and serving the Hempfield community with great pride for many years!

    Michael J. Bromirski, M.Ed., M.B.A.
    Superintendent of Schools