• 2 Minute Talks

    2-Minute Talks is a monthly video series addressing the topical issues, concerns, or questions around our school district and community. To submit a topic for consideration, please email communications@hempfieldsd.org.

  • Transportation
    October 2017
    October 16-20, 2017 is National School Bus Safety Week. To help celebrate and to answer common questions that we receive from parents/guardians and the community, our latest 2-Minute Talk features student transportation at Hempfield School District.

    Quad Turf Replacement
    September 2017
    During this month’s 2-Minute Talk, Dr. Adams (Superintendent) and Dan Forry (Chief Operating Officer) explain why the turf field at the Quad was replaced and the timeline of the project.

    School Meal Accounts
    May 2017
    Given the national media attention surrounding “lunch shaming,” we want to offer clarification around Hempfield School District’s procedures related to school meal accounts.

    Standardized Testing
    March 2017
    Do you have questions about PSSAs? In our March 2-Minute Talk, Dr. Adams and Mr. Bromirski explain the purpose of standardized testing and how Hempfield School District utilizes various data points to evaluate the effectiveness of teachers, our schools, and our district.
    2017-18 Draft Calendar
    February 2017
    By January of each year, we are planning the school calendar for the subsequent year. In this 2-Minute Talk, Dr. Adams explains the process behind the draft calendar options on which the HSD community provided feedback earlier this month.
    January 2017
    In the January 2-Minute Talk, Dr. Adams explains the process and resources he utilizes to help him make the appropriate call when we experience inclement weather. 
    December 2016 
    In this month’s video Dr. Chris Adams, Superintendent, and Dr. Tab Musser, Director of Student Services, highlight the various support services available to families in our school district.
    November 2016 
    The Hempfield Foundation is dedicated to promoting and enhancing excellence in education across the Hempfield School District by providing independent financial support for our innovative projects and scholarships. Learn more about this important work in November's 2-Minute Talk.
    October 2016
    We are excited to announce our most comprehensive community forum yet, Black Knight Connections: Information Sessions for Parents, Guardians and Community Members. Watch the video to learn more about the November 14, 2016 event. 
    September 2016
    Given the recently media attention focused on the second grade teacher in Texas announcing her “no homework” policy, we thought it was timely to talk about some key homework points we have shared over time with our district leaders and staff at Hempfield, dating all the way back to 2008. 
    July 2016
    Volunteers serve a vital role at Hempfield School District. In the July 2016 2-Minute Talk, Dr. Chris Adams, Superintendent, and Mr. Mike Bromirski, Assistant Superintendent, explain the difference between a volunteer and a visitor in our schools. They also review the clearance requirements for volunteering and where community members can access these resources. 
    Hempfield Budget Process
    May 2016
    Dr. Chris Adams, Superintendent, and Mr. Dan Forry, Chief Operating Officer, sat down to explain the budget process at Hempfield School District. They discuss the budgeting timeline, the school board’s role in the process, and the steps taken to create a fiscally-responsible budget.

    1:1 iPad Program
    April 2016
    In this month’s 2-Minute Talk, Superintendent Dr. Adams and Mr. Michael Graham, Director of Technology, discuss Hempfield's 1:1 iPad program and the benefits of the school use and home use iPad.

    Teacher In-Service
    March 2016
    In this 2 Minute Talk, Dr. Adams answers frequently asked questions about teacher in-service.