2-Minute Talks

  • 2-Minute Talks is a monthly video series addressing the topical issues, concerns, or questions around our school district and community. To submit a topic for consideration, please email communications@hempfieldsd.org.

2-Minute Talk Archives

  • 2022-23 School Calendar - August 2022

    Mr. Bromirski provides an overview of the 22-23 school year calendar, including first and last student days and an explanation of FID days.

    Hempfield Foundation - May 2022

    Superintendent Bromirski talks with Mr. Bishop, executive director of the Hempfield Foundation, about the foundation's grants for teachers and how to support the foundation.

    Hempfield is Hiring - February 2022

    We know that finding the right people is more than just offering hiring incentives – it’s about offering a great environment and culture, fulfilling work opportunities, a robust benefits plan, and a flexible work schedule. In this episode, Superintendent Mike Bomirski shares details about Hempfield School District's comprehensive recruitment and retention plan.

    All About 2022-23 Kindergarten Registration - January 2022

    Kindergarten registration for the 2022-2023 school year opens on Monday, January 24, 2022 and children who will be five years old prior to September 1st, 2022 are eligible to be registered. The registration process can be completed in just a few simple steps. Superintendent Mr. Bromirski reviews them in this two-minute talk. Visit www.hempfieldsd.org/kindergarten for full details.

    Connect with Us - November 2021

    Here at Hempfield School District, we strive to provide accurate, meaningful, and timely information to the community through a variety of communication channels. We want parents and guardians to be knowledgeable about their child’s education, and all of the district residents to be connected to our schools and informed about district happenings and events. We have several ways to help keep you connected, which is the topic of this month’s Two Minute Talk.

    Transportation Robocalls - October 2021

    Each school day, thousands of students who reside in our school district are transported to and from school. Occasionally, we experience bus delays or other events which can cause a disruption to the normal bus schedule. We have a system in place to report these delays or unexpected events, which is the topic of this month’s two-minute talk.

    2021-2022 School Year Calendar - June 2021

    The Board of School Directors approved Hempfield’s 2021-22 school calendar and our district’s learning options for the upcoming school year. Mr. Mike Bromirski, Hempfield’s superintendent talks about the calendar and Flexible Instructional Days this episode.

    Hempfield Virtual Academy - May 2021

    Hempfield School District elementary students and families who are uncomfortable or unable to return to school in-person for the 2021-22 school year, HSD is offering a new, K through 6 cyber program option. This program is called the Hempfield Virtual Academy, or H.V.A. for short.

    Free Breakfasts & Lunches for All HSD Students - February 2021

    Thanks to an emergency extension of a USDA school food program, all Hempfield School District students are eligible to receive one free breakfast and one free lunch each school day through June 4, 2021 - the end of this school year. Learn all the details in this 2 Minute Talk with HSD Superintendent Mr. Bromirski.

    HSD Partnership with Penn Medicine LGH to Pilot COVID-19 Testing - January 2021 

    Hempfield School District continues to seek out proactive efforts that mitigate the risk of COVID-19 in our school setting. We have partnered with Penn Medicine LGH to pilot COVID-19 testing in our schools. Hempfield School District students and staff will have the convenience of having a voluntary COVID test performed at their school, if specific criteria are met. 

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