Statement from the Hempfield School District Regarding the PA Department of Health Masking Order

Dear Hempfield Families,

On July 13, our Board approved our Health & Safety Plan which stated we would adhere to any existing, valid, and legal/binding orders from the Pennsylvania Dept. of Health regarding facial coverings. On Wednesday, August 31, 2021, the Acting Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Health issued a facial covering order for school entities, including Pre-K to 12 public schools. 

Our district solicitor analyzed the order and believes that it is a valid and legal/binding order. Per the PA Departments of Health and Education, failure to comply could have negative consequences for our district and our employees. As a result, unless a court issues an injunction against the implementation and enforcement of the Secretary’s mask order, effective on Tuesday, September 7, 2021, the Hempfield School District will comply with the provisions of the order. The actual order can be found here. A district FAQ is available in our Coronavirus Update Center.  These resources will continue to be updated as we learn more about the order. 

Please note that there are specific exceptions to the order noted in section 3. If a parent or guardian believes that their student(s) meets the medical exceptions outlined in the order, please complete this form. As long as the form is completed and there is a parent/guardian signature on the form, it can be submitted electronically to the school principal or a paper copy may be delivered to the school office. If emailing, please include “Face Covering Exemption Form” in the subject of the email. Emails that do not have this form completed and attached will not be accepted. 

We recognize that the Hempfield community will have differing views on this order. We ask that you continue to express your opinions professionally while modeling respectful behavior for your children. Our goal, just like last school year, is to provide a safe learning environment and remain open for in-person learning. If your child does not meet one of the exceptions and/or you do not want them wearing a mask in school, you are welcome to switch into our Hempfield Virtual Academy or you may consider Home Education. 

We will continue to keep you updated of any changes to this order. If you have concerns about the order, we ask that you contact the PA Department of Health at 1-877-724-3258 or the Governor’s office at 717-787-2500. You can also contact our state legislators

Thank you for your continued support of the Hempfield School District and for helping us remain open for in-person learning!