COVID-19 Community Update: Testing Available to Students & Staff

Since August 2020, Hempfield School District has partnered with Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health (PMLGH) for medical guidance and consultative services related to COVID-19 and the school setting. Beginning in January 2021, PMLGH will partner with Hempfield School District to pilot COVID-19 testing for students and staff members, if specific health criteria are met. 

Specifically, students and staff can receive immediate testing if there is a sudden onset of symptoms during the school day or if the student or staff member is in school and notified that day that they are a close contact to someone else who is COVID positive.

We have set up a dedicated page on our HSD Coronavirus Update Center website with a section for frequently asked questions and more details regarding the specific criteria to meet for testing. Click here to go directly to the Hempfield COVID-19 Testing page

Click here to watch Superintendent Mr. Bromirski announce this information in the January episode of our 2 Minute Talk.