Temporary Virtual Students & Absent In-Person Students

Our mission is to provide safe environments , experiences, and opportunities that inspire all students to become lifelong learners and contributing citizens in all aspects of their lives.

Our vision is personal growth, achievement, and success for everyone!

Keeping with our mission and vision we would like to enable any student who wants to participate in class to do so in whatever way provides the safest learning environment for as many students as possible at that moment.

It is expected that our students who have selected the in-person learning option attend school regularly. However, we recognize that students will occasionally be absent from school. If an in-person learner does not come to school, they are welcome to attend classes virtually if they would like to do so; but they will still be marked absent from school.

If an in-person learner is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, or is otherwise under the care of a physician, the student's parent/guardian should contact the school nurse. The school nurse can work with the family to determine if the student should become a Temporary Virtual Student (TVS). A TVS would attend all classes virtually just as our regular virtual students do. TVS attendance will be counted as present, provided they are logging into their courses. If the TVS is ill and unable to log into his or her courses, that is OK, the student will simply be counted as absent like normal.

Students intending to join a class virtually need to understand that it may take a day or so for teachers to be prepared to host them virtually and that not all course s lend themselves to virtual learning. Please reach out to your individual teachers to make virtual learning arrangements or to otherwi se work out a plan on how to keep up with your course work.

Please note: These practices are in place effective immediately. For families with younger siblings, please be aware that this does NOT apply to our elementary students.