District Update Regarding COVID-19

At Tuesday’s public school board meeting, Superintendent Mike Bromirski provided a district update regarding COVID-19. Specifically, Mr. Bromirski proposed, and the school board agreed, to do the following moving forward:

  • If the district is made aware of a COVID+ case, we will conduct contact tracing and continue to contact any parent/guardian if we believe someone needs to quarantine. This is not a change from current practice; rather, a confirmation of how we are handling COVID+ notifications.
  • We received a sample letter from the PA Department of Health (DOH) and the PA Department of Education that we will use when there may have been a possible exposure, but our contact tracing has not determined that a student/staff member is defined as a close contact.
    • This may be within a classroom or a group of students at an extracurricular activity.
    • We will email the letter to parents/guardians (who the student “lives with”) to inform them of the potential exposure. This allows the parents/guardian to discuss this information with their student first (if they wish). It will also serve as a reminder about symptom monitoring.
  • If the district conducts contact tracing and we make a report to PA DOH, we update the box on our website, Daily Reporting to Community. Keep in mind that a “yes” does not always mean one case. It is simply stating that we conducted contact tracing and made a report to the DOH that day.
  • We will update the school board at the first board meeting of each month with the total number of cases of which we have been made aware. This will be a district-wide number. 

Since this week was the first board meeting of the month, and this is the first time we are sharing this information on a broader scale, we want to report the following: 

  • From August 25, 2020 through October 6, 2020, we have contacted the DOH eight (8) times regarding COVID+ diagnoses and one (1) time regarding a probable case.
  • It is important to note that each case that we were made aware of was a direct result of community transmission, not school spread.
  • Moving forward, community members can hear this report at the first school board meeting of the month.

We have all been impacted in some way by COVID-19, and it is our district’s intent to remain vigilant with our efforts to help mitigate the spread of this virus. We greatly appreciate how quickly individuals within our community have contacted school personnel related to a possible, probable, or confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis. Sharing this information allows school officials to work in conjunction with the PA Department of Health and local health care professionals to help keep our students and staff healthy and safe and our schools open.

Our thoughts are with the individuals and families who are currently facing a COVID-19 diagnosis, and we wish them a speedy recovery! While a natural reaction may be to question who has received a positive diagnosis or who could have exposed students and staff to COVID-19, we must be respectful of other’s privacy rights. It takes courage for individuals to publicly share information that could cause others to question or judge them. We do not want individuals to withhold this important information for fear of how they may be treated by our community. We ask that our school community continue to demonstrate respect, empathy, compassion, and support!

For additional information related to COVID-19 symptoms, protocols, and precautions, visit this page of our website.