Application for Work Permit Procedure During Online Learning

Applying for a New Permit:

For a new permit students should call Mrs. Wanda McClean at 717-898-5520.

She will then fill out the application form via telephone conversation. If possible, the parent should email Mrs. McClean at to give their permission for their student to get a work permit. This will have to suffice for the parent signature that is usually required. 

Once Mrs. McClean has received the email and has the form filled out, she will assign a permit number to the student. She will need the student’s employer number so she can call and relay the number to them and explain that when school is back in session and the student can sign for the permit, the card will be issued.

For a Lost Permit:

The student contacts Mrs. McClean with the year they applied for the permit.  If she can find it, she will call the employer as above and give them the permit number. If I cannot find it, they will have to follow the procedure above to be issued a new permit.