Test Talking Tips

  • Before the Test Starts
    1. Take a few deep breathes
    2. Remind yourself that you will do great!
    3. Try not to think about anything but the test in front of you

    Pay Attention to Directions
    1. Pay close attention to any directions the teacher gives about the test.
    2. Be sure to check the chalkboard before you start a test.
    3. The teacher might write important directions about the test on the board.

    Budget Your Time
    1. What does that mean?
      - Spend the most time on sections of the test that count the most.
      - Pace yourself. Don’t rush!
      - Keep moving so you finish the test on time. Never let yourself spend too much time on one or two questions.

    Test-Taking Tips
    1. Read each question carefully
    2. Ask for clarification
    3. Don’t second-guess yourself
    4. Should you guess on questions you don’t know?
    5. Try your best to answer all questions
    6. Don’t get distracted
      - Don’t worry about other students working faster than you on the test
      - Look at your own paper!
    7. If you are allowed to use your textbook
      - Make sure you use your book to help you, don’t leave it closed on your desk!
      - If you get to a question you don’t know, refer to your book

    True/False Questions
    1. Pay attention to “always” or “never” questions
      - True or false: Water always freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit.
      - It’s false because water with salt in it won’t freeze at 32 degrees.
    2. Consider guessing
      - You have a 50/50 chance of getting the answer right on true/false questions

    Multiple Choice Questions
    1. Read all of the choices before picking which one is right
    2. Watch for all of the above choices
      - For the answer to be all of the above, every part of every choice has to be correct
      - Example: A direction on a compass rose is:
        a. North
        c. Southwest
        b. East
        d. All of the above
    Fill-in-the-Blank Questions
    1. As you read the sentence, substitute the word “blank” for the blank in the question. This helps you to figure out what is missing. Use process of elimination to narrow down the options.
      - An____________ is an imaginary line halfway around the North and South poles that goes completely around the earth.
        a. Ocean
        b. South America
        c. Globe
        d. Equator
    2. Check your answer by reading the entire sentence. Does it make sense?
    3. An equator is an imaginary line halfway around the North and South poles that goes completely around the earth. That makes sense, so the answer is correct!

    Matching Questions
    1. Matching questions give you two lists to see which things go together.
    2. Read the list on the right first- these are the answer choices.
    3. As you find each correct match, cross it off the list.

    Essay/Short Answer Questions
    1. Also called “short answer” questions
    2. You will have these on PSSAs
    3. ALWAYS read all of the question all the way through BEFORE you begin to write anything.
    4. Underline any key words in the question to help understand what you have to do.
    5. Make sure you start your response with the main idea.
      - Example essay question: What are three ways that people can conserve energy?
      - Good Response: There are many ways that people can conserve energy. One way is…..
    6. Support your point with details and examples
    7. Be sure to proofread when you’re done! Check for spelling errors, check to make sure you answered the question fully. Take out anything that doesn’t have to do with the question.

    Math Tests
    1. Use scrap paper if you are allowed- to do work to solve math problems.
    2. Show your work on your math test! You can sometimes get partial credit for correct work even if your final answer is wrong.
    3. Draw charts or diagrams to help you think out the problem.

    For All Tests
    1. When you are done with the test:
      - Look back at the test- did you answer every question?
      - If you left any questions blank, try your best to answer them
      - Check your work on questions that were difficult