Study Skills

  •  Before you leave school for the day:
    1. Check your assignment book
      - Do you have all of your homework assignments written down?
      - Do you have all the materials you need packed in your school bag, to be able to complete your homework?
      - Double-check with the teacher if you have any questions about assignments
    Once you get home after school:
    1. Take a break if you need to before you start your homework
    2. Get into a routine
      - Try to do your homework/studying at the same time everyday
      - Whatever works best for you- right after school, before dinner, after dinner
      - Don’t wait until right before bed, so that you don’t lose sleep staying up to finish your work- SLEEP IS VERY IMPORTANT
    3. If you know you have other obligations on a school night, make sure you plan ahead to have time to do your homework
      - Examples: sports, lessons, chores
    When you are ready to start your homework:
    1. Find a good study area in your house
      - Quiet and free of distractions
      - Good lighting
      - Organized and has necessary materials- like pencils, erasers, etc.
    2. Gather any other materials you need before you sit and start your homework
    3. Work on your most difficult homework first
      - Look back at your notes from class if you need help
      - Don’t give up on hard homework, just try your best
    4. If you need help:
      - Ask a parent or an older sibling for help
      - Call a friend from class for help- “Two heads are better than one.”
    5. Take a short 5 minute break if you need to regain your energy and clear your head
    6. If you are still having difficulty figuring out how to do tough homework, move on to the easier stuff and come back to the tougher work later
    Immediately after you are done your homework:
    1. Check your assignment book to make sure that you completed all of your homework for the night
      - Show it to a parent so they know you completed all of your homework
    2. Make sure you put all of your homework back into your school bag!
      - You won’t get credit for doing your homework if you don’t bring it back to school!
      - Make sure you pack up your school bag before you go to bed