The Countdown to Kindergarten

  • Kindergarten is just around the corner! We are sure that you and your kindergartener have mixed emotions about the first day of school.

    Our goal is to make the kindergarten transition as easy as possible for you and your child. To make sure you are both equipped for day one, we have created a Kindergarten Tool Kit that includes six great resources you can reference throughout the year.

    What to Expect at Your New School (E-Book)
    This e-book details what your student can expect during their first year at Hempfield School District. It can be viewed on a phone, tablet, desktop computer, or printed.

    Kindergarten Handbook
    The Kindergarten Handbook includes important information about schedules, transportation, absences, inclement weather, and more! Download or bookmark it so you can easily access it throughout the year.

    Advice from the Class of 2028
    We know kindergarten is a big step for students and parents! So, we sat down and asked the experts what makes kindergarten at Hempfield so great!