Facility Rentals

  • Our school district facilities may be used by responsible groups and organizations provided that the user files an application for activities that are consistent with federal, state, and local laws and regulations, the use is in compliance with the policies, regulations, and requirements of the school district, and the use does not unduly interfere with the school functions or activities, which are the first consideration and priority.
    There are four rental categories:
    1. Student and/or School-Related Organizations and Activities
    2.  Resident Non-profit Organizations and Activities
    3. Non-resident Non-profit Organization or Resident Profit Organization having a Non-profit Event
    4. Resident Profit Organization having a Profit Event on Nonresident Profit Organization having an Event

    At least 30 days prior to the event, please contact the individual building office to determine the availability of facilities. For general questions regarding facility usage, email facilityrental@hempfieldsd.org. If the request involves athletic fields or gymnasiums, contact the Assistant Athletic Director.

    All rental fees and other charges are due and payable within 30 days after the billing date. 

    Rental Categories effective July 1, 2020
    • Group A – School-sponsored activities (school-specific, co-curricular, and extracurricular) or schoolaffiliated organizations that provide direct support to students, the program and the personnel. If a school-affiliated organization holds an event where admission is charged, there may be personnel charges.
      • Examples of school-sponsored activities include: student clubs and interscholastic sports.
      • Examples of school affiliated organizations: include booster clubs (when the funds generated are for our school-district affiliated team) and PTOs.
    • Group B – Hempfield community organizations serving Hempfield students and non-profits geographically situated within the Hempfield attendance area. o Examples include: local youth sports organizations, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, civic and community organizations.
    • Group C – Everyone else.
    • Camps/Lessons –
      • District employees who wish to use the facilities for private instructions, lessons or camps outside of their normal day or season will be required to follow the application process and submit a brochure or other marketing material with cost information. Prior to the event, a roster of attendees will be required, as there will be a charge of ten percent (10%) of the gross profits. Additional charges may apply if any other staff or equipment is required.
      • Team-sponsored camps will be required to follow the application process. Charges may apply if staff or equipment is required.
      • Booster events that support Hempfield School District athletic teams will be required to follow the application process. Charges may apply if staff or equipment is required.


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