School Delay & Closing Information

  • Hempfield School District communication channels are the most reliable resource to find information concerning school closings or delays. This includes:

    We contact only the television and radio stations listed below.

    • Online: LNP/Lancaster Online
    • Television: NBC (WGAL Channel 8), ABC (WHTM Channel 27), FOX (WPMT Channel 43), and CBS (WHP Channel 21)
    • Radio: FM 93.1 WLCH

    Please note: Other stations may also report Hempfield School District closings and delays, but we are not responsible for providing them with information.

    Unplanned Early Dismissals

    In the event of an unplanned early dismissal, the district will use the automated calling system to notify parents/guardians of the dismissal. Any contact flagged as “Emergency” or “Lives With” within the PowerSchool system will receive the automated call. Notifications will also be posted to the regular HSD communication channels including the district homepage and social media.

    Flexible Instruction Days

    Similar to the previous year, there are no built in “snow days” for the school year. Flexible instruction days, also known as FIDs, provide an alternative approach to delivering instruction and will be used in the event of severe weather or other circumstances that prevent in-person instruction. Hempfield School District is approved for five FIDs during the course of the school year, but if more than five FIDs are necessary, additional school days will be added beyond the last student day.

    Upon notification of a FID from district communication channels, staff will publish Schoology folders for student access that will include meaningful online and offline work that is relevant to the course of study. Staff will also be available during specified school hours to answer questions and provide assistance to students.

    Recess/Outdoor Activities Excessive Cold Guidelines

    Anytime the “real feel” temperature, which factors the impact of wind chill on the actual temperature, drops below 20° F, classrooms will not be permitted to go outside for recess. Individual building principals will use their discretion if the weather conditions are above this threshold. Students should dress accordingly for colder weather during the upcoming winter months. Families in need of seasonal items including winter jackets, hats, and/or gloves may contact our Student Services Office at (717) 459-9003.

    Recess/Outdoor Activities Excessive Heat Guidelines

    Anytime the “heat index”, which factors the impact of humidity in the air on the actual temperature, is greater than your body temperature of 97°F, indoor recess/activities or the re-scheduling of recess/activities to earlier in the day may be considered.

    In the event of outdoor recess/activity, students should be reminded to properly hydrate prior to outdoor recess/activity. In addition, building staff will be aware of extended periods of time outside and the level of physical exertion. Individual building principals will use their discretion if the weather conditions meet this threshold.