Grading & Reporting

  • Hempfield School Distict grading and reporting practices are designed to align with the following core beliefs:

    • Assessment is a learning process that involves feedback on learning goals provided to encourage reflection and deepen understanding.
    • Assessment reflects student achievement and mastery of student competencies outlined in the district curriculum.
    • Assessment helps students develop an awareness of how they learn.
    • Assessment includes multiple measures and reflects learners’ performance before, during, and after instruction.
    • Assessment guides ongoing teaching and learning. Grading reflects where students are at a particular point in time.
    • Assessment informs students, teachers, and parents/guardians of achievement and growth in order to celebrate success, challenge learners, plan interventions, and support continued progress.

    Our Grading & Reporting Guidelines linked here were crafted to align the rich traditions at Hempfield School District with the current research and literature regarding best practice for grading and reporting. The intent of this document is to provide consistent assessment, grading, and reporting practices that promote student learning, encourage academic success, and establish clear communication.