College & Career Planning

  • College provides students with the ability to study and specialize in a variety of fields and professions. Each college and university is different and offers students unique opportunities. Ready to plan for college? Visit the HHS Counseling Office or contact your school counselor for planning timelines and checklists for your junior and senior year.

    Two-Year Colleges

    If you’re not sure what major or college would be the best fit, consider attending a community college. Community colleges are public, two-year schools that provide an excellent education, whether you’re considering an associate’s degree, a certificate program, technical training, or plan to continue your studies at a four-year college.

    Technical and Skill Based Careers

    For many students, the decision to pursue technical training relates to the career path they have selected. Vocational education typically guides graduates directly into a career, due to the hands-on training that builds a foundation for a specific job. If you have a career in mind, a technical school can help you transition from student to professional quickly. 

    Armed Forces

    The U.S. Armed Forces consists of five service branches:

    There are three general categories of military people:
    • active duty (full-time soldiers and sailors)
    • reserve & guard forces (usually work a civilian job, but can be called to full-time military duty)
    • veterans and retirees

Using Xello for College & Career Planning

  • Hempfield School District has implemented a K-12 college and career planning software called Xello. Xello is an engaging program that helps students build individualized career plans for their future, coupled with knowledge of the skills required for various careers.

    • Xello has capabilities for college and career research, assessments to determine students’ strengths and weaknesses, requests for letters of recommendation, and transcripts for current students. 
    • Xello works with 90% of the colleges and universities in the country. Any out-of-network colleges can be interacted with using another source like Common App. 
    • School Counselors will give students step-by-step instructions on how to request a letter of recommendation for both in-network and out-of-network colleges and how to manage scholarship opportunities.
    • Because this is a complete K-12 program, the goal is for students to explore and build an “Academic and Career Readiness” plan by Grade 8. Throughout high school, students will implement their “Academic and Career Readiness” plan to help narrow their post-secondary options and be ready for the world of work.
    • Xello will also allow us to connect learning to careers through the “Inspire” platform. Inspire allows school districts to partner with local businesses to provide internships and apprenticeships for students. The platform is managed by the local Chamber, which means it should always be current. Students will be able to submit resumes and apply directly through Inspire. 
    • Please let your school counselor know if you have any questions.