Club Council

  • 2019-2020 Hempfield Club/Activity List

    After School Homework Program

    Advisor: Dr. Cieslinski (CES)
    Meets: CES Cafeteria

    The Tuesday After School Homework Program offers Hempfield High School students the opportunity to assist elementary students complete homework, study for tests, read books, and more. The program is held in the CES cafeteria. HHS students volunteer each Tuesday from 3:30 p.m. to 4:45 p.m.; October through early May. HHS students can volunteer for the school year or during available “seasons.” The CES students say, “Tuesday is their favorite day of the week!”

    American Red Cross Club

    Advisor: Mrs. Krantz, Mr. Wentling
    Meets: Monthly meetings before school at 7:15 a.m. in the Nursing Office

    The American Red Cross Club Hempfield is guided by the fundamental principles of the American Red Cross and its mission to prevent and alleviate human suffering in the face of emergencies. By mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors, the Hempfield High School Red Cross Club will learn, practice, and exemplify humanitarian values through mission-related service projects. In addition to obtaining club membership, all members will receive affiliation with the American Red Cross.

    Anchor Club

    Advisor: Mrs. Miller (FCS, Rm. 22), Dr. Cieslinski (CES)
    Meets: Every other Thursday in Room 22 at 7:10 a.m.

    The Anchor Club is a service club for students in grades 9 through 12. Club members participate in many volunteer activities both within the school district and in the local community. Students are required to complete service hours each semester. Each holiday season, the club collects donations for district families in need. A tree decorating competition with other clubs has brightened the holiday giving over the past three years! $15.00 dues is required for membership in the Anchor International organization. The HHS Anchor Club is sponsored by the Pilot Club of Lancaster, Inc. The HHS Anchor Club was chartered in 1988!


    Director of Athletics: Mr. Polonus
    *Note – $75 activity fee

    Offerings include : Baseball, Basketball, Bowling, Cheerleading, Cross Country, Field Hockey, Football, Golf, Lacrosse, Soccer, Softball, Swimming and Diving, Tennis, Track and Field, Volleyball, Winter Track, Wrestling

    Biology Club

    Advisor: Mrs. K. E. Miller & Mr. Deveney
    Meets: 1-2 times a month in Room 237 or 154, varying meeting times (3:00-4:00/4:30 p.m.)

    The Biology Club is a fun and educational way to provide new experiences for all students interested in biology, expand upon Hempfield's curriculum, and give students the opportunity to experience and learn about biology in ways they don't get to in class, while at the same time having fun and making new friends! The club achieves this by organizing different opportunities for the students, ranging from bringing speakers in, discussing new discoveries in biology, taking part in a few environmental projects throughout the year, and conducting research and labs. The club would explore different careers and educational opportunities in biology for students looking to possibly pursue a career in the field, help underclassmen and other students struggling with biology to better understand the subject, and even go on a few potential field trips (university trips)!

    Buddy Club

    Advisor: Ms. Petty and Mrs. Newcomer (Rm. 20)
    Meets: Twice per month on Monday afternoons from 3:00-3:30 p.m. in Room #20

    The Buddy Club provides an opportunity for regular education students to socialize with special needs students in a non-academic environment. The club plans brief activities (no more than two hours in length) for students to have fun, get to know each other, and develop friendships. Activities may include: decorating a room for a dance party, planning a cooking activity, organizing a track meet, and more. Students should come prepared to share their hobbies, skills, and interests, as this is a great opportunity to teach others! The students involved are expected to work together to brainstorm and plan activities and provide opportunities to talk to, interact with, and get to know other students.

    Chinese Club

    Advisor: Mrs. VanEtten
    Meets: Twice a month from 3:00-5:00 p.m. in Room 119. Meeting days to be determined.

    The Chinese Club is a student organization that promotes the awareness of Chinese culture at Hempfield. Events and activities will be created for the student body and community including but not limited to experience aspects of the culture and language. Students who desire to learn about and stay connected with the Chinese culture or Chinese language, or like-minded peers are welcome to join and participate in the Chinese club activities.

    Culinary Club

    Advisor: Mrs. Blose
    Meets: Twice per month from 3:00-5:00 p.m. Dates TBD.

    The Culinary Club is an organization for students wishing to learn more about foods, cooking, and careers in the culinary field. The club meets approximately 2x each month both for after school cooking activities as well as periodic evening and weekend restaurant and market outings. *Please note: minimal participation fees will be collected to cover the costs of recipes prepared. Individuals will also pay their own costs for dine out experiences.

    Diversity Alliance Committee

    Advisor: Miss Hunter
    Meets: TBD

    The Diversity Alliance is a club that focuses on the unity of all students at Hempfield High School regardless of their ethnicity, religion, or racial background. Current events, history, culture, and racism will be discussed in Diversity Alliance. Various activities that help to develop and improve cultural and social understandings will be carried out by the students. The overall goal is to enlighten, educate, and encourage the students of Hempfield High School to create unity and equality.

    Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)

    Advisors: Mr. Ashley, Mr. Brenneman, Mr. Zechman, Mr. Hanusa, Mrs. Ebersole, Mrs. Brooks
    Meets: Franklin Gym. Fridays at 7:10 a.m.

    This club is open to all students and is designed to provide a place for Hempfield Athletes (and those interested in sports) to connect, build relationships, encourage each other, serve together in the community, and discuss how following Christ can have a positive impact in our school and community. The club will have opportunities for student led bible studies and inspirational messages, participate in service projects, and host local and regional events. Our Hempfield FCA chapter is part of the National Organization. FCA groups are held on College & HS campuses. Information is available at

    French Club

    Advisors: Miss Tyson
    Meets: Room 110. Dates TBD.

    The French Club welcomes all students who are interested in the French language and culture. Activities that provide students with the opportunity to enjoy different facets of French culture and language are organized throughout the school year. Students wishing to practice their French, connect with their French-learning peers, and participate in French cultural events are encouraged to join and participate in events throughout the year.

    Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)

    Advisors: Mr. Hanusa & Mr. Wise
    Meets: Room #121, Thursday’s at 7:15 a.m.

    The Future Business Leaders of America club is for any student looking to grow in their understanding of the business world. The club runs events and fundraisers throughout the year and uses their funds to visit local FBLA conferences and compete in FBLA business competitions. Will you be the next Hempfield student to qualify for the National FBLA competition? Note: $20 annual dues.

    German Club

    Advisors: Miss Shertzer, Mr. Jannotta, Mrs. Jannotta, Ms. Henrich
    Meets: Twice per month in Room #144. Dates and time TBD.

    The German Club organizes student-driven events in order to connect the student body and members of the community with local German culture and to promote the learning of the language and embrace the culture. Students wishing to practice their German, stay connected with the language, learn more about the culture and be among their German-learning peers are encouraged to join and participate in the events created.

    Global Refugee Relief Organization

    Advisor: Mrs. Breitkreutz
    Meets: TBD

    The primary goal of the Global Refugee Relief Organization is to help those who have left their country and have nothing. All donations from clothing drives are directly delivered to refugees all over the world. We also raise money and collect other needed items for humanitarian aid.

    Hempfield Environmental Club (HEC)

    Advisors: Mr. Diodato & Mr. Hawley
    Meets: TBD

    The Hempfield Environmental Club (HEC) holds meetings throughout the school year prior to the start of the school day. A planning committee designs and implements outdoor experiences to mainly include day hiking within the local area. An annual goal is to beautify or impact the local community through a non-service event.

    Hempfield Youth Matters

    Advisor: Mr. Yoder
    Meets: Room #153. Dates and times TBD.

    Hempfield Youth Matters focuses on the fight against violence and drug use. Students will develop prevention strategies for the personal, regional, state, and national levels. Activities, which will be fun and educational, will be held on a monthly basis.

    History Club

    Advisor: Mrs. Hershey
    Meets: Room #11. Dates and times TBD.

    The Society of Student Historians or "History Club" has been created to allow students with an interest in history to interact in a variety of settings, both formal and informal, to share their interests. Past activities have included field trips, holiday dinners at historic places, holiday cards for servicemen and women, other service activities, games, movie night, and providing guides for the Landisville third grade walking tour.

    Knights Program

    Advisors: Mrs. Albaugh & Mrs. Bauer
    Meets: Throughout the school year. Summer orientation/training encouraged.

    Being a new student in a school as large as Hempfield can be intimidating. The Knights Program aims to help students who are new to Hempfield acclimate to the school. A student Knight will be paired up with a new student and will help them navigate their school schedule for the first three days of school at Hempfield and also offer to eat lunch together during the first week. Being available for questions about the building or schedules may provide additional help to new students.



    Advisors - Dr. Fuhrman, Mrs. Bowman & Mrs. Bush (LPC)
    Meets: Each committee meets once per month. Visit the website to see when various committees meet.

    Hempfield MiniTHON is a year long fundraising event for the Four Diamonds Fund, with events offered district-wide and led by Hempfield High School, to aid in the fight against pediatric cancer. Started in 2009, Hempfield’s MiniTHON continues to break records and barriers in the fight against pediatric cancer. Students participating in the club are empowered to use their talents and leadership skills to organize events that truly makes a difference in the lives of pediatric oncology patients.

    Mock Trial

    Advisor: Mr. Mitchell
    Meets: Room #165 and/or LG1. Dates and times TBD.

    Mock Trial is offered by both the Hempfield High Social Studies department and the Pennsylvania Bar Association in order to provide students with the opportunity to research an authentic legal case. Throughout the fall, all participating students will attend weekly mandatory meetings in order to prepare for the case. Through challenging, participating students will be rewarded by presenting both Plaintiff and Defense cases in a court of law at the Lancaster County Courthouse against other competing schools.

    Model United Nations

    Advisors: Mr. Eager
    Meets: Room 165 on at least a monthly basis

    Model United Nations is offered by the Social Studies department to provide students with an opportunity to research, debate, compromise, and attempt to resolve authentic contemporary global issues while representing various member nations of the United Nations. Throughout the year all delegates have the opportunity to participate in local debates, and the top 25-delegates compete against other schools within the Susquehanna Valley during monthly conferences. Note: registration fees will apply.



    Contact: Mr. Ramos

    *Note – $75 activity fee

    Offerings include: Chorus, Band, and Orchestra

    National Art Honor Society

    Advisors: Mr. Clarke & Mrs. Gallagher, Art Department

    The National Art Honor Society is for any student in grades 10, 11 and 12 who has completed 1.5 credits in the art department and has maintained at least a 90% average in those classes. Yearly dues, service hours, and several meetings are requirements. Seniors may be eligible for honor cord distinction at graduation. This service-oriented club is sponsored by the National Art Education Association. Students involved in the club may create artwork to sell, organize events, and share their creative talents to raise funds for charities that focus on the arts. Information will be available after the first marking period.


    Performing Arts

    *Note – $75 activity fee

    Offerings include: Spring Musical, Dance Theatre

    Powder Puff Football

    Advisor: Mr. Mackey

    A Hempfield Homecoming tradition, powder puff football is a game of flag football, in which the girls in the Junior class compete against the girls in the Senior class. There are approximately 9 practices (1.5 hours each) and the Powder Puff Game. Powder Puff is a great way to come together with your class and be a part of Hempfield tradition and community. Note: $20 fee includes t-shirt and mouthpiece for the game.

    Quiz Bowl Team

    Advisor: Mr. Frick
    Meets: Monday’s 3-4 pm in Room 117.

    *Note – $75 activity fee

    Quiz bowl is an activity open to students in grades nine through 12 who love quick thinking, learning, and the thrill of competition. Participants work in teams of four to answer questions in areas including the academic disciplines and popular culture. Throughout the year, the Hempfield Quiz Bowl Team will match wits against teams from other schools through L-L League play, regional competitions, and WGAL’s “Brainbusters.”

    Renaissance Club

    Advisors: Mr. Kuhn (Rm. 152) & Dr. DaCosta
    Meets: Twice per month on Tuesdays at 7:10 a.m. in Room #152

    The HHS Renaissance club’s purpose is to recognize students and teachers for the positive things they do in all aspects of the school. Club members plan ways to recognize students and staff and oversee the events. Club membership is limited to 100 students with representatives from each class; however, students who are not part of the Renaissance Club are welcome to volunteer to help with events.


    Advisors: Dr. DaCosta, Ms. Miller, Mrs. Romero
    Meets: Every Monday at 7:10 a.m. in LG1

    This club is designed to create a SISTERHOOD of women (students and staff alike) who are intentional about having a positive impact on the culture and climate of Hempfield. Our mission is to foster positive self-confidence, leadership, connection, healthy relationships, and to empower women to be their best selves!

    Spanish Club

    Advisors: Profe Groh & Señora Franz-Eby
    Meets: TBD

    This a service club that addresses the needs of local Latino communities. Activities center around Latino culture, foods, arts, current events, film and the Spanish language.

    Steering Committees

    Class of 2023 Advisors: Mr. Peacher, Mr. Haldeman
    Class of 2022 Advisors: Mr. Reidenbaugh, Mr. Hawley
    Class of 2021 Advisors: Mr. Virmani, Mr. Brogan
    Class of 2020 Advisors: Mrs. C. Moser, Mr. Yoder

    Steering Committees are the grade level student governing bodies. Steering committees raise money and then plan and run the Homecoming Dance and Prom as well as senior class picnics. Positions are elected.

    Student Council

    Advisors: Dr. Hough (Rm. 221) & Mr. Carroll (Rm. 163)
    Meets: Room #221

    Student Council is a service club that seeks to help as many Hempfield organizations and local organizations as possible throughout the school year. Student Council organizes several events throughout the year including the annual Grill Out and Chill Out picnic, the Homecoming queen election and ceremony, fall and spring blood drives, the Variety Show, and the bubble grams fundraiser. The club assists with mini-THON, Renaissance Club, and the Student Affairs Committee. The club officers also work closely with the high school administration and the school board by meeting monthly with both the high school principal and the school board members for progress reports. Officers are elected in May of each year from existing Student Council members. Class representative positions are selected by the student body in May. There are four officers and four class representatives for each grade level for a total of approximately 20 students.

    Teen Advocates for the Protection of Species (TAPS)

    Advisor: Mrs. Pesci-Hall
    Meets: Dates and times TBD.

    T.A.P.S. members focus on raising public awareness of the needs of a variety of species. These include resources, abuse, and neglect of pets and wildlife alike. T.A.P.S. members run fundraisers to assist in their public awareness campaigns. These fundraisers contribute to the wildlife and domestic species directly and indirectly.

    The Knights Standard: School News Magazine and Literary Magazine

    Advisor: Mr. Pollis
    Meets: Room #219

    Anyone is eligible to submit writing of any kind, artwork, or photography. Students can also assist in helping to design and lay out the magazine.

    Theatre Arts Club/Stage Crew

    Advisor: Mr. Bierly
    Meets: Performing Arts Center (PAC)

    The Stage Crew helps create sets and works backstage during the various theater productions throughout the year managing props, sound, lights, video and more. For more information, including rehearsal schedules, please visit the Stage Crew Website.

    Tree Nursery Club

    Advisor: Mr. James
    Meets: Room #128

    Open only to Materials & Processes students to volunteer to help maintain the tree nursery and take care of the tree seedlings that are planted each year. We will be meeting mostly over the summer months at random times as the nursery needs to be maintained(mulched, weeded and watered). The club members will also assist in digging up the trees when they are ready to be donated to the community (Fall & Spring).

    Ultimate Frisbee Club

    Advisor: Miss Agnew
    Meets: TBD on the JV football field or field behind LMS.

    The club will provide an opportunity for students to learn and play Ultimate frisbee. We will be meeting on a weekly basis.

    Varsity Club

    Advisors: Mr. Virmani & Mr. Mackey
    Meets: Franklin Gym and LG2

    The Varsity Club is a service organization open to any student that has earned a Varsity letter in any activity at Hempfield High School, or through adviser approval based on service to other school organizations that do not issue Varsity letters. Club members work concessions for athletic events and participate in community service projects. Credit is earned through hours of service, and club members may use credit points to get club merchandise. All club members are required to work a minimum of SIX events throughout the school year. Club meeting to sign up for events are held twice by season (or as needed) before school.

    Video Production Club

    Advisors: Mr. Greer, Mr. Binder & Mr. Lied
    Meets: Room #242/ TV Studio.

    The Video Production Club gives students the opportunity to produce coverage for events at Hempfield, such as Powder Puff, PAC productions, cardboard boat races, dodgeball, and commencement. This gives any student interested in video production the experience in filming live events, producing and editing videos, and DVD authoring. The club occasionally takes field trips that are video or film related. No experience is necessary; all training will be provided. Note: only 2 meetings will be held before school in the TV studio. All other communications and sign-ups for events will take place in Schoology or Google docs.

    Yearbook Staff

    Advisors: Mrs. Thompson (Rm. 229), Miss Holton (Rm. 228)
    Meets: Rooms #228 and #229

    The Yearbook staff plans and creates the annual yearbook, The Epilogue. Students on the yearbook staff work on the yearbook during flex periods and after school as needed.

    Young Democrats

    Advisor: Mr. Hynes
    Meets: TBD

    Our mission is to elect Democrats, advocate for progressive issues, and train the next generation of progressive leaders.

    Young Republicans

    Advisor: Mr. Wilczek
    Meets: TBD

    The HHS Young Republican Club is a group of students who participate in grassroots political activities and discuss relevant political issues of the day. Activities include working the polls for Republican candidates on Election Day as well as taking trips to Harrisburg or Washington, D.C.

    Youth 4:12

    Advisor: Mr. Snyder
    Meets: Room #230 on mornings before school. Dates TBD.

    The Youth 4:12 Club provides students with the opportunity to meet each week and worship God. Students lead the club in Bible study, group discussion, worship songs and encouraging each other to grow spiritually.