2022-23 Club List

  • The following clubs meet as a WIN5 club during the regular school day. A few clubs run outside of WIN5 and are marked with an *.



    Category: Community Action


    Impact Bible Club [M Breneman]

    This club will provide a gathering place for students to study the Bible, discuss current events from a biblical worldview, and pray together on a regular basis. The goal will be to provide support for each other, so that each student might go forth with the wisdom, knowledge, and strength needed to impact their sphere of influence.


    FBLA [Hanusa/Wise/Hix]

    This club will focus on furthering students' interest in all things business and business related. Students will have additional time to study/prepare for their regional competitions.


    Family Career and Community Leaders of America - Focus on Children (early childhood) [Travis]

    This club provides an opportunity for students to go more in depth with Family and Consumer Sciences with a focus on early childhood and developing leadership skills.


    Family Career and Community Leaders of America - Focus on Fashion [Buckwalter]

    This club provides an opportunity for students to go more in depth with Family and Consumer Sciences with a focus on fashion and developing leadership skills.


    Family Career and Community Leaders of America - Focus on Leadership/Community Service [Blose]

    This club provides an opportunity for students to go more in depth with Family and Consumer Sciences with a focus on community service and developing leadership skills.


    Global Refugee Relief Organization - GRRO [Breitkreutz]

    The primary goal of the Global Refugee Relief Organization is to help those who have left their country and need support. GRRO holds an in-school clothing drive, volunteers at Global Aid, and invites speakers in to meet with students.


    Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA) [J Thompson]

    This club brings together LGBTQIA+ and straight students to support each other, provide a safe place to socialize, and work together to improve school climate for all students, regardless of sexual orientation, gender, or identity expression.


    History [Hershey]

    The Society of Student Historians or "History Club" has been created to allow students with an interest in history to interact in a variety of settings, both formal and informal, to share their interests. Activities include field trips, dinners at historic places, holiday cards for servicemen and women, other service activities, speakers on historical topics, games, and movie night.


    Model UN [Eager]

    This club looks to provide opportunities for students to solve real world problems while representing a country of their choosing. This club will also compete against other schools at SVMUN conferences held throughout the school year.


    Young Democrats [Douglas/Franz-Eby]

    Young Democrats seek to engage young democrats in the pursuit and implementation of the values and principles of the Democratic Party. Through outreach, educational activities and advocacy, the Hempfield Young Democrats will promote the ideals of the Democratic Party, and lend its support to those candidates and members who exhibit the highest standards of integrity and conviction.


    Young Republicans [Wilczek]

    The HHS Young Republican Club is a group of students who participate in grassroots political activities and discuss relevant political issues of the day. Activities include working the polls for Republican candidates on Election Day as well as taking trips to Harrisburg, Philadelphia, or Washington, D.C.



    Category: Music/Movie/Video/Theater


    Live Classic Concert Viewing [Peacher]

    This club is designed for students who have an appreciation of live music and classic concert films. At club meetings, live concert films/recordings will be viewed and discussed. Some possible concerts that will be viewed include The Grateful Dead, Led Zeppelin, The Band, Talking Heads, Dave Matthews Band, and Phish among others.


    Karaoke [Bardach/Weber]

    Students will sing songs Karaoke style and have fun.


    Theater Arts/Stage Crew [Henrich]

    Students will be able to work on projects during WIN5 that the Theater Arts Club are working on during evening and Saturday sessions: for example- Set Building, Set Painting, Materials Inventory, Workshop Maintenance, PAC Organization, etc.


    Twilight Zone Classics [Sahd]

    This club will provide students with the opportunity to watch and critique classic episodes of The Twilight Zone television series which originally aired on CBS from 1959-1964. Each club period will be dedicated to a particular episode.


    Video Production [Binder/Greer]

    The Video Production Club gives any student interested in video production the experience in filming live events, or producing and editing videos. Events covered can be live streaming sports events, Powder Puff, PAC productions, cardboard boat races, and commencement. No experience is necessary; all training will be provided.



    Category: HHS Org/Club Invite Only


    ESL Newcomers [K Snyder]

    ESL Newcomers are students who have recently arrived to the USA. In this club, we will engage in various cultural activities (such as playing traditional American games, seasonal activities etc.). We will learn more about school traditions (such as Homecoming, MiniThon, Prom, powderpuff, etc.) and about school sports/club activities offered in the district. Additionally, we will engage in stress relief activities such as walking and meditation. Please see the advisor prior to the club enrollment window if you are interested in this club.


    e-Sports (separate sign up) [Lied/Turner]

    Students will participate in the esports league that is currently running through the IU. This year will be a pilot/trial run. Please see the advisors prior to the club enrollment window if you are interested.


    Kindergarten Pals [Brooks]

    HS students will create materials for Kindergarten activities in the classroom and will write letters to Kindergarten students in the school district. On occasion, students may visit an elementary school to read and/or lead activities in the elementary classrooms. Please see the advisor prior to the club enrollment window if you are interested.


    Chick-Fil-A Leader Academy [J Brenneman/R Martin]

    Chick-fil-A Leader Academy™ is a national high school leadership program focused on IMPACT THROUGH ACTION. Students will learn leadership skills while serving our community through tangible acts of service. Please see the advisors prior to the club enrollment window if you are interested. Application to join must be filled out. Apply here: http://app.chickfilaleaderacademy.com/apply


    National Art Honor Society [Clarke/Kabekko]

    Art students will work on individual art pieces. Please see the advisors prior to the club enrollment window if you are interested.


    *Quiz Bowl [Frick]

    Interested students should see the advisor prior to the club enrollment window.


    Steering Committee Class of 2024 [Yoder/Moser]

    This club is invite-only, you will be enrolled in this club by the advisor. Do not enroll in another club if you have already confirmed membership in this club.


    Steering Committee Class of 2026 [Hawley/Reidenbaugh]

    This club is invite-only, you will be enrolled in this club by the advisor. Do not enroll in another club if you have already confirmed membership in this club.


    Student Council [K Hough]

    This club serves as the student government in the high school. Student Council organizes events and fundraisers for various charities and causes. It also runs events like the Variety Show, Homecoming elections, food drives, etc. Four reps from each grade and four officers make up the body of the club.


    Tri-M [Ceresini/Ramos]

    Musicians are able to perform, create, connect, and respond to music in the Hempfield community. Members will be able to perform service projects and recitals for the school to work on musicality, leadership, and music advocacy. Please see the advisors prior to the club enrollment window if you are interested.


    Varsity [Mackey/D Vicidomini]

    Extension of our current club to plan, communicate with the officers and members. Please see the advisors prior to the club enrollment window if you are interested.


    Well Wishers [Freydlin/McGloshen]

    This club will provide a safe place for invited students to create greeting cards for staff within the district, as well as local retirement communities. The goal is to socialize, decorate, and spread supportive messages throughout our community. Please see the advisors prior to the club enrollment window if you are interested.



    Category: Crafting/Anime/Meditation


    Anime [Seyfert]

    Students will discuss, show, and draw Anime while broadening their knowledge of Japanese cultural understanding.


    Bracelet Making [Foulds ]

    Students will make friendship bracelets and other bracelets of interest to club members. Club members will watch videos to learn new styles and methods of making bracelets.


    Art Therapy Coloring [Morgan]

    Coloring has the ability to relax the fear center of your brain, the amygdala. It induces the same state as meditating by reducing the thoughts of a restless mind. This generates mindfulness and quietness, which allows your mind to get some rest after a long day at work.


    Creative Repurposing [Loughman/E Smith]

    Students will have an opportunity to flex their creative muscle to repurpose, reuse and recycle old supplies and craft goods like textiles, paints, papers and as well as unexpected items like cereal boxes, tubes, containers etc. Everyone will volunteer to bring in items that are just sitting around at home and we will collectively share these items to upcycle and create a new piece of art. Students can share their supplies as well as connect in how to design, craft and create something unique with a low cost and positive environmental impact.


    Embroidery [Edwards]

    Students will have the opportunity to work on independent embroidery projects in a relaxed atmosphere. Students should provide their own materials and be prepared to share what they know!


    Garden [Groh]

    Learn about seed starting, plant care, flower arranging, and environmental aspects of gardening, such as pollinator habitat and birds. We will also be making various seasonal crafts related to gardening. Some club periods will be spent outdoors.


    Knitting and Cross-Stitch [Sweigart]

    This club will allow students time to relax and chat with friends while getting a chance to work on their Knitting, Crocheting, Needlepoint and Cross-stitching projects. Students will need to provide their own projects and supplies.


    Meditation and Mindfulness [DeCapria]

    We will focus on the arts of meditation and mindfulness through different avenues to help you better manage your stress and identify different skills and techniques to help you become a more positive version of yourself. We will focus on improving individual coping skills through using a series of different meditations, mindfulness activities, yoga, and walking. Our goal is to help you achieve personal and mindset growth within one's self. Whether it's to refresh, reset, or rest, this will be the club for you.



    Category: Physical/Athletic/Sports Related


    Cardio [C Smith]

    Students will increase their cardio fitness by using various equipment in the fitness center.


    Football [Heisey/Ridinger/E Martin]

    Learn about football, play ultimate football/7 on 7 when weather allows, learn concepts, watch film to apply concepts, learn the School supported and funded Hudl system to review concepts and make highlights for those who are playing, learn the Hudl system from the technology end to further explore options in the sports video field.


    Floor Hockey [Hinde]

    Students will have an opportunity to participate in floor hockey. Two games will run simultaneously throughout the period, allowing all members to participate.


    Hoop Group [Kreider/Weyforth]

    Students will have the opportunity to complete skill challenges and to play competitive small-sided/full court basketball games. Students will work on skill development and focus on teamwork, all while emphasizing positive communication. At the beginning of each session, there will be a short discussion about our "team-building" word of the day before beginning competitions. (PE attire required)


    Girls Lacrosse Officials [Sweitzer]

    This club will allow students to become familiar/experts on the rules of girls lacrosse. My hope is that closer to the start of the season to set our minds on actually becoming officials so that students who are interested can officiate youth girls lacrosse games on the weekend. I have connections with the youth assigner in the Lancaster area who I am hopeful to work closely with as my hope is to mentor these officials.


    Rugby [Davis/Tawney]

    This club would allow students to learn about the sport and develop basic skills. Classroom time may be utilized for analyzing film and growing game knowledge. Weather permitting, students and staff will be able to work on basic skills of the sport and play non-contact rugby outside.


    Step It Up - Walking Club [A Mitchell]

    Students will walk and talk, outside/inside (based on weather conditions).


    Talkin' Hoops [Chmil]

    All things basketball (NBA, WNBA, NCAA, HS) related discussion club.


    Tennis [Bell/Istvanic]

    Extension of the courts. Tennis strategy, evaluation of pros, and other discussions about tools of the game


    Ultimate Frisbee [Agnew/Ruhl]

    Learn about ultimate frisbee and sportsmanship. Play when weather allows, learn concepts, watch film to apply concepts, learn the basics of the game and how to compete in a friendly manner.


    Walk and Talk [Evans]

    This club will allow students to get some light exercise and unwind through casual conversation with their peers. Walks will take place outdoors (so prepare accordingly for the temperature) in close proximity to the school, or indoors should inclement weather occur.


    Weight Training [Bervinchak/Narkiewicz]

    Students will work on individual plans to increase strength, while learning and practicing proper technique.



    Category: Reading/Writing Related


    *Knights Standard [Pollis]

    Developing and maintaining the student-run website, "The Knights Standard." Activities will include Writing various pieces, both journalistic style and creative literary style, taking photographs, creating visual art, and maintaining the website itself.


    Book [Hunter]

    This club allows students to connect with others through reading. Options will be provided for both independent reading selections as well as group reading selections. Author talks and book

    talks will also be present. An additional focus will be on how to create a positive and fun culture that promotes reading throughout HHS.


    Creative Writing [K Smith]

    Students will explore different genres of creative writing and experiment with various writing techniques. Activities involve creative writing exercises and prompts.


    Debate [Enoch]

    Students will learn the rules of formal debate as well as effective argumentation. They will be given topics and divided into teams to hold formal debates about a variety of topics. Students with an interest in pursuing a field in law, politics, or business would benefit from the skills and experiences of this club.


    Writing Workshop [Wickenheiser]

    Students have the opportunity for dedicated time to work on a writing project of their choice: novel, book of short stories, graphic novel, etc. This will also be a place to connect with others about what they are writing.


    Yearbook - Epilogue [Holton/A Thompson]

    Students will prepare the pages for the 2022-2023 Yearbook.



    Category: Student-Peer/School Focused


    Buddy Club [Petty]

    Buddy club creates friendships between our Life Skills students and their peers through various social activities, including games/crafts and fun activities.


    Renaissance [Kuhn]

    Renaissance Club seeks to create a positive school environment for students, teachers, staff, and administrators by engaging in various activities, programs, and events.


    Student Section [Duran/Vogel/Marrolli]

    To increase overall participation in school spirit, create a positive atmosphere for all students attending athletic events, and develop overall leadership qualities. Students will make signs to promote events at HHS and display throughout the school.



    Category: Science/Animal Related


    Animal Welfare [Dunlap/Frill]

    This group is for those who love animals and care about their welfare. Students will learn about proper animal care and responsible pet ownership. They will become acquainted with different types of animal shelters, watch animal videos, and establish fundraisers to help animal shelters.


    Biology [K Miller]

    The Biology Club is a fun and educational way to provide new experiences for all students interested in biology, expand upon Hempfield's curriculum, and give students the opportunity to experience and learn about biology in ways they don't get to in class, while at the same time having fun and making new friends! The club achieves this by students providing input and planning on different opportunities, ranging from bringing speakers in, discussing new discoveries in biology, bioethics discussion, taking part in a few environmental projects throughout the year, career and educational opportunity exploration, biology crafts, playing Biology-themed board games, and conducting labs. Students can volunteer to bring some consumable materials as needed.


    Critter Care [J Miller]

    Students learn about sustainability and the proper care of living things as they maintain the classroom pets and plants, including the vermicomposter (worm-bin)


    Environmental [Diodato]

    The Environmental Club is a group of students that are passionate about conservation and the outdoors. Students will independently set up day hikes on weekends, raise money for local environmental causes, and prepare for an environmental competition at the end of the year. Winners of the Envirothon are eligible for the state environmental competition!


    Medical Cases [Phillip]

    Students will investigate and discuss interesting medical cases, while learning how these cases relate to human anatomy, physiology, and biochemistry.


    Microscopy [Horning]

    Students will review microscopy skills and look at biotic specimens such as daphnia, tetrahymena, lichens, organisms in pond water, etc., as well as fixed slides of histology.



    Category: Table/Card/Trivia Games


    Card Playing [Crosby]

    An opportunity for students to play cards and teach each other new card games.


    Dungeons and Dragons [Hynes]

    Students will discuss D & D strategies, ideas, and play the game.


    Puzzle [K Dissinger]

    This club allows students to unwind from the stress of their classes while still exercising their brains! Time given for students to put together jigsaw puzzles ranging from 50-piece puzzles to 2,000-piece puzzles!


    Tabletop Gaming [S DeMaria/Hooley]

    Students can choose from a variety of tabletop games such as Clue, Monopoly, Battleship, Uno, etc. to play during the WIN period.


    Trivia [Darnell]

    This club would encompass many types of trivia games such as traditional trivia, soduko, crossword, wordle, and more. This would allow students to sharpen their mind while learning their strengths and relying on others to improve critical thinking skills.



    Category: Technology/Gaming


    Coding [Gwyn]

    This club can provide an opportunity for students who have an interest in coding. They can participate in online competitions, code in VR, build websites, create games, and other coding related interests.


    Makers Space [Settle]

    Students will have the opportunity to use the computers, 3D printers, Laser Engraver, and CNC router to design and make individual or group projects.


    Photography [Geesey]

    Share in the passion of digital photography. Students may bring their own cameras if they have them, or use their iPads to take digital photographs. Can possibly print and mat favorite photos.

    Editing of photos on laptops in the lab.


    Robotics [Shelly]

    Students will explore robot fabrication, drive system design, programming, and complete various challenges related to robotic applications. The VEX platform will be used primarily, but many other capabilities are possible within the facility.


    PC Strategy Gaming [Nichisti]

    Students will be able to play or discuss strategies related to games such as Stellaris, Civilization V or VI, Total War, Crusader Kings, and many more.


    Switch Gaming [Deveney]

    Discuss and play games on Nintendo Switch with your peers. Play Mariokart, Smash Brothers, etc. Share game reviews and strategies on fun lesser-known games.



    Category: Planes/Trains/Automobiles


    Aviation [B Mitchell]

    To provide all students interested in flight with the opportunity to meet, explore various aspects of the flying community, explore numerous career opportunities within this community, and in so doing, continue to nurture the passion of aviation.


    Cars - All Types [C DeMaria]

    This club is all about cars of every kind. We will share modifications we have done to our cars or would like to in the future. We will talk about upcoming car shows in the area.


    Model Railroading [Sauer]

    Students will be able to participate in learning about model railroading, sharing ideas on model railroading, learn about different scales, how to wire the layout, lay track, building a table or module, landscaping, etc. The goal would be to make a small working layout in the end.



    Category: World Language


    Chinese & Chinese Calligraphy [Van Etten]

    Explore and experience various Chinese culture and Chinese language via games, celebrations, film, food making, and through the art of Chinese calligraphy. You do not have to be in Chineses

    classes to be in this club. All interested people are welcome.


    German [Jannotta/Richter]

    The German Club organizes student-driven events in order to connect the student body and members of the community with local German culture and to promote the learning of the language and embrace the culture. Students wishing to practice their German, stay connected with the language, learn more about the culture and be among their German-learning peers are encouraged to join and participate in the events created.


    Spanish [Murillo-Ware/Poorman]

    The Spanish club is a language and culture club that organizes student-driven events. This club will focus on participating in Hispanic culture including food, art, film, current events, and customs. Students who are interested in practicing their Spanish, engaging in cultural activities, and forming a community with other Spanish-learning peers are encouraged to join this club.