Our School

  • Administration
    Mr. Jim Dague - Building Principal
    Dr. Mark Reinhardt - Grade 12 Principal
    Dr. Bill Brossman - Grade 11 Principal 
    Dr. Jodi Harrington - Grade 10 Principal
    Dr. Beth Becker - Grade 9 Principal
    HHS Student Handbook
    We look forward to providing rewarding educational experiences each school year. To help our students achieve success, we provide the Student Handbook. It provides information on: 
    • school policies
    • academics
    • activities
    • conduct 
    • and other general information
    High School Course Selection Guide
    As a high school student, one of the most important tasks you will perform is the mapping of your 4-year course "journey" at HHS. Thoughtful reflection about present and future goals as well as careful planning are needed if you hope to make your education work for you in the years to come! The Course Selection Guide has been organized to ease the course selection process.
    Daily Bell Schedule 
    Warning Bells
    Period 1
    Period 2
    Period 3
    Period 4
    Period 5
    3A - Lunch/Flex
    3B - Flex/Lunch
    4A - Lunch/Flex
    4B - Flex/Lunch 
    7:31 and 7:36
    10:40-11:10 / 11:15-12:00
    10:40-11:25 / 11:30-12:00
    12:05-12:35 / 12:40-1:25
    12:05-12:50 / 12:55-1:25 
    For information on other bell schedules accommodating for inclement weather delays, assemblies, and alpha homerooms, please refer to the High School Student Handbook