Graduation Requirements

  • To graduate from Hempfield High School, a student must successfully complete the below graduation requirements approved by the Hempfield Board of School Directors. All obligations must be satisfied before a diploma may be awarded.
    To be eligible for graduation from the Hempfield School District, a student must:
    • pass the required courses of instruction (below)
    • demonstrate mastery of the PA Academic Standards for Reading and Mathematics via attaining proficiency or better on the 11th grade Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA). Details regarding this requirement are noted on the following page.
    • complete a culminating project (senior project)
    • earn 28 credits in order to graduate
    English4.0 creditsEnglish 9, 10, 11, 12 or Humanities or English-AP
    Social Studies4.0 creditsAmerican History I, American History II, OR American History AP, World History, Government and Economics, OR U.S. Government and Politics AP, Comparative Government and Politics AP, Micro Economics AP, and Macro Economics AP
    Mathematics4.0 creditsMath Electives ***
    Science3.0 creditsGeneral Science, Biology, and one additional credit in Chemistry, Biology, Anatomy & Physiology, Physics, current topics, or Principles of Science & Technology
    Health, Physical Ed2.0 creditsHealth is scheduled in grade 10; Physical Education is scheduled in grades 9, 10, and 11. (In grade 12, PE may be taken as an elective.)
    Arts/Humanities2.0 creditsArt, Music, Foreign Language, Technology & Engineering Education, Family and Consumer Sciences, English**, and Social Studies**
    Fundamentals of Family & Consumer Sciences0.5 credit  
    Personal Financial Literacy0.5 credit 
     Electives8 credits* 
    ** Courses elected in English or Social Studies in this section must be in addition to the four (4.0) credits required in the English and Social Studies sections.
    *** Introduction to Statistics, Introduction to Programming, and Computer Science AP do not satisfy graduation requirements in Mathematics.

    Promotion and Grade Level Assignment
    Students will remain with their class and be promoted accordingly providing they meet the minimum credits necessary for promotion:
    • Grade nine to grade ten – minimum 6 credits
    • Grade ten to grade eleven – minimum 12 credits
    • Grade eleven to grade twelve – minimum 20 credits
    Culminating Project (Senior Project)
    Students must also complete a culminating project (senior project) prior to graduating from high school. The purpose of the culminating project is to assure that students are able to apply, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information and communicate significant knowledge and understanding. To review the culminating project requirements, click here.

    Early Completion Program
    A Hempfield High School student may complete graduation requirements at the end of the first semester of the senior year. Approval from the principal is needed. A signed contract outlining the details for Early Completion is required. This contract must be completed in the Spring semester of the Junior year. All Hempfield High School graduation requirements must be fulfilled. Students who would like more information about the Early Completion Program should consult their counselor.

    Mastery of the PA Reading & Mathematics Standards
    Students must demonstrate proficiency in reading and mathematics on the Pennsylvania State System of Assessment (PSSA) administered in grade 11 to be eligible for graduation. Students who attain proficiency or better on the PSSA will receive a certificate from the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Students not demonstrating proficiency in any area must participate in the state’s PSSA re-test in October of grade 12. Prior to the retest, optional remediation and tutoring programs will be offered in reading and math.
    Any students who do not attain proficiency or better during the October re-test will receive focused remediation in the Reporting Categories (assessment anchors) for which they are performing at the Basic or Below Basic levels. These students will then have opportunities to retest for identified Reporting Categories and be administered a district approved and PSSA aligned assessment. When necessary, students will be provided with multiple opportunities to retest for specific Reporting Categories.
    PSSA Mathematics Reporting Categories and Standards
     Reporting Category Standard
    Numbers & Operations 2.1 (Numbers) & 2.2 (Computation)
    Measurement 2.3 (Measurement)
    Geometry 2.9 (Geometry) & 2.10 (Trigonometry)
    Algebraic Concepts 2.8 (Algebra)
    Data Analysis & Probability 2.6 (Statistics & Data) & 2.7 (Probability)
    PSSA Reading Reporting Categories and Standards
    Reporting CategoryStandard
    Comprehension and Reading Skills
    1.1 (Learning to Read Independently)
    1.2 (Reading Critically in All Content Areas)
    Interpretation and Analysis of Fiction and Nonfiction Text
    1.1 (Learning to Read Independently)
    1.2 (Reading Critically in All Content Areas)
    1.3 Reading, Analyzing and Interpreting Literature) 
    Remediation Notes
    • Reading: At the high school level, certified reading specialists will provide students with reading intervention and/or PSSA remediation during Flex periods throughout the year. Grade 8 PSSA and GRADE assessment results will be used to select 9th grade students for this opportunity. The PLATO benchmarking exam will be used to select students in grades 10 and 11. Students will also be assessed using the PLATO exam to determine if progress is being made toward proficiency in grade 11. Opportunities in the Flex period will be provided for those grade 11 students who would like to review skills and concepts prior to the PSSA,
    • Mathematics: At the high school level, a student in grade 9 who was non-proficient on his/her Grade 8 PSSA is required to enroll in both Algebra 1A and Algebra 1B. The student will have eighty minutes of mathematics every day. These students will also be assessed using the PLATO benchmarking exam to find if progress is being made toward proficiency in grade 11. Opportunities in the Flex period will be provided in grade 11 for those students who would like to review skills and concepts prior to the PSSA.