Letters of Recommendation

  • Many colleges and universities required applicants to provide letters of recommendation. To get a letter of recommendation, we would suggest following these guidelines:
    • Ask the teacher or counselor in person
    • When you are making the request, best practice is to hand the person some information about yourself to help the person write a better letter for you. Use this form! As a counselor, I will not write a letter unless you hand me this form.
    • When you are ready for the letters to go out to the colleges, you should direct the teacher where to send the letter. If the college is a “stamp school”, provide the teacher with a stamped and addressed envelope. If the letter will be sent electronically, send the teacher the request in Naviance. With the Common Application, use the following instructions: 
      1. Naviance
      2. College tab
      3. Accept terms
      4. Request transcripts
      5. Choose colleges
      6. Teacher Requests - A link will be sent automatically from the student to the teacher.
    • Never send a Naviance email without making a personal request.
    • Always send a thank you note to thank the teacher who writes a letter for you.