Grade 10 Information

  • Your tenth-grade year may arguably be the most important year of high school. It is certainly a demanding one. Last year you acclimated well and learned what high school was all about. This year is important academically as you lay the foundations for your future success, whether it be achieving a high-grade point average, exploring a CTC program, and/or visiting college campuses. In January or May, you will be expected to take three Keystone exams, if you haven’t already, following your Algebra 1, Biology, and Grade 10 Literature courses. You may take the PSAT in the spring. Again, there is a lot going on that has a big impact on your future.

    Outside of school, many of you may be getting your first job, your driver’s license, and, if you are lucky, a car. This brings added responsibilities as well. It is important that you handle those additional responsibilities with maturity and focus while still meeting expectations in your classes. Lastly, many of you are involved in extracurricular activities. Studies show that students who are involved in extracurricular activities are more likely to be successful after graduation. If you are not, I strongly encourage you to get involved in some way. You are only in high school once and you want to make the most of your opportunities.

    Be sure to ask questions and seek answers from your teachers and counselors. Be the person you want to be and lay the foundation for your future self. I would say your high school experience will go fast but you already know that. Please check back to this site from time to time to get updates on all of the things that you have going on this school year. Make it the best year yet!

    Go Knights!
    Mr. Patrick Conrad


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