Freshman Timeline

  • July/August

    • Students:
      ○ Attend Transition Camp and take a tour of the high school with a parent/guardian
      ○ Contact your school counselor to address any scheduling concerns prior to the start of school
      ○ Attend Sneak-A-Peek to do a walk-through of your classes


    • Students:
      ○ Career Panel: Social Media and Employability
      ○ Team Meeting: Career Planning with Naviance
    • Parents:
      ○ Encourage your child to sign up for a club/extracurricular activity to get involved at the high school
      ○ Attend Back-to-School Night and connect with your child’s teachers and staff
      ○ Attend “Coffee with the Counselors,” a morning event to learn about our 9th Grade Academy and how to best support your student


    • Students:
      ○ Career Panel: Business Pathway
      ○ Team Meeting: Managing Conflict and Accessing Support at HHS (with School Resource Officer Henry)


    • Students:
      ○ Career Panel: Human Services Pathway
      ○ Team Meeting: Guest Speaker
    • Parents:
      ○ Attend “Coffee with the Counselors,” Understanding Naviance and College and Career Planning 


    • Students:
      ○ Team Meeting: Preparing for Final Exams & Teacher Recommendations 


    • Students:
      ○ Team Meeting: Understanding Teacher Recommendations
      ○ Career Panel: Performing Arts
      ○ Team Meeting: Preparing for 10th Grade/Course Selection
      ○ Discuss course recommendations with teachers 
    • Parents:
      ○ Attend “Coffee with the Counselors,” Understanding Course Selection 


    • Students:
      ○ Career Panel: Engineering/Industrial/Automotive Pathway
      ○ Team Meeting: Going Beyond (Hempfield Alumni Success Story)
      ○ Discuss course recommendations for next year with 2nd semester teachers
      ○ Complete course selection process in Sapphire 
    • Parents:
      ○ Attend Back-to-School Night and connect with 2nd semester teachers
      ○ Attend Course Selection/Curriculum Night 


    • Students:
      ○ Career Panel: Health Care Pathway
      ○ Team Meeting: Go Pink Assembly
      ○ Review tentative schedules 
    • Parents:
      ○ Sign and return course selection forms, being sure to write any concerns or requests for changes on the bottom of the form 


    • Students:
      ○ Career Panel: Culinary/Hospitality Pathway
      ○ Team Meeting: TBD 
    • Parents:
      ○ Attend “Coffee with the Counselors,” Preparing for the Future


    • Students:
      ○ Career Panel: Military Pathway
      ○ Team Meeting: Transition to 10th Grade and Meet 10-12 Counselors 
    • Parents:
      ○ Address any transition concerns moving into 10th grade

    On-going Throughout the Year

    • Students:
      ○ Participate in career lessons delivered in Family & Consumer Science course
      ○ Create a resume, a 4-year course plan, complete a strengths explorer survey and identify matching careers and post-secondary options
    • Parents:
      ○ Encourage your student to continue to explore career interests and save careers in the Naviance program
      ○ Review your child’s resume and help them to identify any activities or extracurriculars he or she may have missed