Incoming Seventh Graders

  • Moving Up To Middle School with an Arrow - Graphic


    Seventh Grade Tip: Managing Worry
    Entering middle school can be challenging for some students who are not used to the larger building, class schedule or course load. We've created a video that includes simple steps that students can use.

    Seventh Grade Tip: Facing Academic Challenges
    This video explains techniques that seventh grade students can use to help them adjust to the middle school class rigor.


    This video provides an overview of the seventh grade transition lesson that our school counselors deliver to current sixth graders. We like to share this, so that parents can reinforce the information at home.

    Course Recommendation Overview

    Teachers recommend students for specific classes at Centerville Middle School based on test and academic performance, and student work habits. This video provides an overview of that criteria and explains what to do if a parent has concerns about the recommendation.

    Getting Ready for Middle School

    Spokane Public Schools produced an excellent set of videos to help their elementary students transition to middle school. I used this video as a foundation for starting the conversation for students at Mountville, East Petersburg, Centerville, and Rohrerstown Elementary Schools.

    How to Open a Combination Lock

    One major concern of students’ is how to open a locker. This video explains how to open a combination lock. Watching this video, and having students practice over the summer can help relieve some of the anxieties that incoming middle schoolers may feel.