LMS Staff

For staff photos and email addresses, please refer to our directory page for the most updated information.
Doug Dandridge, Principal
Carol Sangrey, Secretary to the Principal
Shelly Vanderlaan, Attendance Secretary
Grade 7 Knights
Scott Feifer, English
Lenny Groft, Math
Paul Juba, History
Kristin Peifer, Science
Brenda Stout, Reading
Grade 7 Nobles
Diane Anderson, English
Daniel Herr, Math
Frank Barton, History
Donna Garrison, Reading
Becky Lutz, Science
Grade 8 Patriots
Christine LeFevre, English
Annette Cook, Math
Karen Shenk, Science
Shane Van Aulen, History
Grade 8 Pioneers
Kim Petrosky, English
Nicole Becker, Math
Wes Swanson, History
Heather Szmerda, Science

Subject Specialists
Tom Balmer, Tech. Ed.
Ed Brown, ESL
Laura Hite, Physical Education
Amanda MacVaugh, Family & Consumer Science
Ashley Kuzma, Gifted
Colin McCaskey, Band and Music
Brian McDermott, Health & Physical Education
Dan Relin, Health & Physical Education
Lois Roderick, Reading
Amy Smith, Art
Erin Stewart, Chorus and Music
Karen Topper, Librarian
Clint Willman, Computer Applications
Nile Wilson, Orchestra

Foreign Language Teachers
Lacie Burk, French
Tony Jannotta, German
Tammy Silvis, Spanish
Kelly Tyson, French

Special Education
Kristie Beatty, Learning Support
Carmen DeMaria, Learning Support
Whitney Kortze, Learning Support
Amy Kressley, Learning Support
Erin Petty, Learning Support
Laura Moser, Life Skills
Shawnte Bridges, Emotional Support

Additional Services
Sue Allen, Technology Specialist
Andria Miller, Speech
Melissa Nolt, Occupational Therapist Assistant 

Health Services
Jennifer Norton, School Nurse
Bonnie Weaver, Health Room Nurse

Counseling Services
Lynette Huber, Guidance Counselor
Steve Sharp, Guidance Counselor
June Lutz, Secretary
School Psychologist
Erin Birk

Para Educators and Aides
Samantha Baer, ES Paraeducator
Emily Federici, Life Skills Paraeducator
Maria Mazzeo, Learning Support Paraeducator
Susanne Mundock, Library Aide
Diane Styer, Learning Support Paraeducator
Michelle Valeri-Groff, Paraeducator
Kirsten Wentzel, Learning Support Paraeducator
Shari Werner, Instructional Aide and ISS

Food Services
Deb Fellenbaum, Manager
Cara Kramer
Sheri Probst

Custodial Services
Dave Mutzabaugh, Supervisor
Mark Brady, Custodian
Fred Flosser, Custodian
Daryl Nunemacher, Custodian