Important Message from Medical Professionals in Our Community

Posted by Kelly Burkholder on 6/6/2024 11:00:00 AM

Recently, we have become aware that there are robust social media platforms encouraging teenagers and young adults to participate in cliff jumping or cliff diving. This is an extremely dangerous activity as serious injuries regularly occur because of the height of the fall into the water. Many people think jumping into water would not hurt but based on the surface tension of water, jumping from high distances can mimic a landing on concrete.

Here in Lancaster County, there have been drownings related to cliff jumping or diving. There is nothing remotely safe about cliff jumping or diving into the Susquehanna River. Most areas require trespassing on private land and crossing very active train tracks. The height of the cliffs can be 30 feet or higher. The Susquehanna River has wide variations in depth due to the presence of a hydroelectric dam. There are also many submerged objects to strike or get trapped in when diving, which can lead to serious injury and death. The water temperature in early summer can be deceptively colder than the external environment, leading to severe physical impairment and hypothermia.

Please help pass this information on to keep the members of our community safe.