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  • Elementary school is an exciting time, but can be challenging and filled with uneasy feelings and emotions for students, parents, and teachers! The school counselors at the Elementary buildings within Hempfield School District perform many functions to assist students and their families as they navigate these first crucial years of their education and friendship building. School counselors work directly with students in various capacities to foster positive growth and change, while also offering support to parents, teachers, and other school staff in understanding the developmental needs they may face in school. Collaboration across support networks is a vital component of the school counseling program that contributes to student growth and success.

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What Does An Elementary School Counselor Do?

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Elementary Counseling Team

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    Our Elementary School Counseling team consists of (left to right): Mrs. Amy Koerner (CES), Mrs. Allison DeArment (FES), Mrs. Madelyn Saunders (MES), Mrs. Carrie Wilson (RES), Mr. Mike Resh (LPC), Mrs. Kate Kasabo (LIC), and Mrs. Adelyn Pawlik (EPES).

    To get in contact with any of our Elementary School Counselors, please visit the specific building's "School Counseling" page by selecting a school in the dropdown above.