HVA Elementary Overview

    • Grade K-6 students will participate in an asynchronous curriculum utilizing Accelerate Education programming while supplemented with synchronous learning opportunities utilizing Schoology, Google, and other various programs.
    • Students will be assigned a Hempfield School District teacher who will develop and provide learning opportunities both asynchronously as well as synchronous sessions throughout the week.
    • Teachers will be available for academic sessions utilizing small group instruction and class meetings.
    • Kindergarten will remain a half day program.

About Learning Coaches

  • Particularly at the elementary grade levels, an at-home learning coach is an important component of full-time online learning. A learning coach works alongside the student at home each day to provide support, guidance, and motivation for the online learning experience.

    Learning Coach Responsibilities

    • Learning Coach = Teacher in the home
      • Be present during the school day and directly supervise and facilitate child’s education at home.
        • Responsible for primary instruction in coordination with the teacher
        • dedicate appropriate amount of time during the school day to ensure student learning is occurring.
      • Understand concepts in order to instruct and enhance learning
        • Learning coaches will be required to further clarify and instruct students in conceptual understanding of the standard’s based objectives and further support student learning and growth.
        • learning coach to be actively involved in the instruction and support of the assigned lessons, assignments, and intervention supports.
        • Learning Coaches will need to help students structure their day, access appropriate lessons and materials appropriate for each lesson and assignment.
      • Supplement instruction to enhance learning

    Home Environment Expectations

    • Provide a physical environment conducive to child’s educational needs.
    • Closely monitor student’s progress daily.
    • Notify the teacher and the principal of any planned excused absences.
    • Work with student and his/her teachers to ensure successful completion of the curriculum within the allowable timeframe.
    • Notify the school immediately of any change in student’s contact information or academic status.
    • Provide student with transportation as needed to participate in standardized testing or other school activities.

Contact Us

  • If you have a question about our online learning program, please e-mail Brendan Cregan, Hempfield Virtual Academy Coordinator, at brendan_cregan@hempfieldsd.org.