Revised Protocols for Covid Positive Individuals and Close Contacts

Posted by Cheryl Irwin-Bass on 1/13/2022 3:00:00 PM

On Tuesday, January 11, 2022, the Hempfield School Board discussed the District’s Health and Safety Plan and effective Friday, January 14, 2022, the following COVID-related protocols will go into effect:

  • Hempfield remains mask optional, except when students/staff are on a school bus. 
  • If an individual is sick, exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms, or exhibiting symptoms related to other illnesses, the individual MUST stay home, and they are not permitted to attend school or school-related activities. 



  • If an individual is COVID+ and has symptoms, they MUST isolate for at least 5 days from the onset of symptoms.  
  • If an individual is COVID+ and asymptomatic, they MUST isolate for at least 5 days from the date the COVID-19 test was performed.  
  • If an individual has COVID-19, they may return to school on or after day 6 of symptom onset, if:
    • The individual is asymptomatic, or their symptoms are improving and
    • The individual is fever-free for at least 24 hours and not taking fever-reducing medication.
    • It is strongly recommended that the individual returning to school early from isolation continues to wear a mask through day 10.
  • If the individual’s symptoms are not improving or new symptoms arise, the individual MUST continue to isolate.



  • If a vaccinated or unvaccinated individual is identified as a close contact to someone who is COVID+, they may stay in school and participate in all school related activities if:
    • They remain asymptomatic, meaning they have no COVID-19 symptoms, they are not sick, or they do not have symptoms related to other illnesses.
    • It is strongly recommended that the identified close contact wears a mask for 10 days from the date of exposure.