Reminders for Seniors

Posted by Bill Brossman on 5/17/2024 2:00:00 PM

Parents and Guardians of Seniors, 

The following was shared with our seniors today via Schoology. We appreciate your support in helping our seniors remember these important dates, times, and locations as they finish out their school year.


Class of 2024, we are down to your final days as HHS students. Congratulations on reaching this milestone. I’d like to share some reminders to help you plan for our final week together.


Participation in Commencement is optional - you do not have to attend. If you choose not to attend, please bring a note from your parent/guardian indicating this desire. If you choose to participate, you must attend both commencement practices and follow the commencement protocols.


Sunday May 19th

Baccalaureate - The fellowship of Christian athletes is sponsoring a Baccalaureate service that will take place at 2:00pm on Sunday May 19th at Hempfield United Methodist Church. 3050 Marietta Ave. All are welcome.


Monday May 20th

The last day of classes for seniors. This is your last official day of school, and your last chance to connect with teachers on any unfinished assignments.

iPads will be collected in the commons during the school day starting at 7:20 am. We expect to collect ALL items at that time (iPad, Apple issued charger & cable, and iPad case WITH keyboard.) See Dr. Wagner’s Schoology post regarding steps you need to take before turning in your iPad.


Tuesday May 21st


8:00am – iPad Collection PAC lobby. If you have not turned in your iPad, Apple issued charger & cable, and iPad case with keyboard this must be taken care of.


8:45am – Arrive for Commencement practice #1.


9:00am – Commencement practice #1 will take place in the Performing Arts Center


Following commencement practice, students will report to the Buchanan Gym for:

  • Cap & Gown Distribution
  • Ticket Distribution (Each student will receive 6 tickets)
    • Information regarding additional tickets will be shared at commencement practice.
  • Stoles & Cords for various academic distinctions
  • Obligation Collection – please bring money to pay any of your outstanding obligations.


After collecting your items and taking care of any obligations, including turning in your iPad, charger and cable, seniors are done for the day.


11:30am - Senior Class Picnic. At the Salunga Fire hall pavilion for those who have paid to attend (no longer accepting students for the picnic).


2:00pm (Times will vary) - Elementary School/Middle School Cap & Gown Walk. We are keeping the tradition alive of having our graduates visit their elementary and middle schools in their Cap and Gown to greet future HHS graduates and to celebrate with their former teachers. Please see the attached schedule and arrive on time. Each building has a slightly different schedule and way of doing things.


Wednesday May 22nd


8:45am – Arrive for Commencement practice #2.


9:00am – Commencement practice #2 will take place in the Georgelis, Larsen, and Sabatino Injury Law Firm Stadium


5:15pm – Arrive at HHS Buchanan entrance to line up for commencement. Please carpool if possible, and park in the upper Buchanan lot near the Tech Ed wing or the cafeteria lot.


6:00pm – Commencement begins. We will begin processing promptly at 6:00pm.


Following commencement:


Students must pick up their diplomas at the Concession Stand.

  • Organized alphabetically by last name.


Students must return their white honors’ stoles, and Notional Honor Society medallions when picking up their diplomas.


Thursday May 23rd


Rain Date for Commencement.